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Media post: A selection of excellent car-themed games to play right now

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Somewhat unsurprisingly, people with a passion for cars have tended to explore car-themed games over the years. Even those who don’t have a fascination with automobiles play car games as they generally provide the high-octane action that people crave in today’s gaming-obsessed environment. Thankfully, for petrolheads, there are also some great options in this area.


Given the world’s love of cars and the abundance of gaming platforms in the modern environment, there are some standout options in each category. Whether you dabble in mobile-friendly products during a morning commute to work or you’re a diehard console gamer keen to purchase the very best car games for your recently bought PlayStation 5 console, car-themed games are prominent and represent some of the very best titles you can session right now.


Car games serve up plenty of entertainment


One of the most appealing aspects of playing car games is that they’re fairly diverse, and they offer an extremely fun gaming package. While some releases don’t offer the realism that many car connoisseurs require, they more than make up for it by offering a thrilling racing experience, be it while playing solo or in multiplayer mode. A staple in the video game market, racing games can even improve hand-eye coordination, while they also require quick responses and laser-like focus. Some games also feature some of the real-life vehicles car nuts know and love, while others enable gamers to give their virtual vehicles a makeover, similar to the various enhancements people make to their cars in the real world.


The best car-themed browser games


If you can’t justify the expense of buying a PS5 or building a gaming PC, then there are some great options in this category that can be explored easily through an internet browser. Grand Prix Hero is one of them, a game where players can drive a Formula 1 car in what can only be described as a game that boasts plenty of speed. Another excellent product from this genre is undoubtedly Hit The Route, a title that immerses you in the atmosphere of old American movies while also containing retro cars and iconic highways like Route 66. Offroad Mania is an additional leading option in the browser gaming space, with players having to drive a Jeep while smashing through a variety of obstacles in this mayhem-filled masterpiece. Other options include Top Speed Racing 3D and Crazy Cars.

The top car games on leading console machines

As you might expect, the most prominent games consoles are the aforementioned PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Both consoles offer immaculate graphics, they can house some of the biggest games ever made, and although they cost a fair bit compared to other gaming platforms, the overall package on offer is hard to fault. For car gamers, both consoles also feature a plethora of top products. Gran Turismo 7 is arguably the best product around right now, containing a slick driving model and hundreds of cars to collect. Need for Speed Unbound is another solid option, with the game’s intricate customization features appealing to many. Assetto Corsa Competizione is arguably the most realistic release of the lot, though, with the game representing an unrivaled simulation experience and handling that feels similar to the real world. Other top car games on leading console machines include the likes of Wreckfest, WRC 10, and Forza Motorsport 7.


Other excellent car-themed games on a variety of platforms include Hyperburner (Mobile), Burnout Paradise Remastered (Nintendo Switch), Shift 2 (PC), Rush Rally 3 (Mobile), Asphalt 9: Legends (Various), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe(Nintendo Switch), iRacing (PC), and #Drive (Mobile).

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