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Germany Private Sales July 2014: Ford Fiesta up to 4th place

Ford Fiesta Germany July 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.deFord Fiesta

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German Private Sales (PS) data is always a little controversial because by definition: are counted as private the cars sold to private buyers. Demo cars, rental cars and long-term leases are not counted as private along with cars sold to companies. This explains the fact that as cars become more expensive, their PS ratio tends to drop: a lot of them are actually on a long-term lease, which can be argued is also a private ‘sale’. In June there were 103,235 new Private Sales in Germany, a 38.2% PS ratio, exactly the same as in June. The year-to-date Private Sales total stands at 644,577 out of an overall market at 1.8 million, or a 37.3% PS ratio.

Mercedes GLA Germany July 2014Outstanding 57% Private Sales ratio for the Mercedes GLA vs. a market average of 38.2%.

As it is the case in the overall ranking (albeit with one other model), Volkswagen monopolises the Private Sales podium with the Golf (34.1% PS ratio), Polo (61.1%) and Tiguan (48.4%) but this month the Ford Fiesta establishes itself in 4th position with private buyers thanks to 2,479 sales and a 57.7% PS ratio much stronger than the one it displays year-to-date (44.4%). Mercedes places no less than 4 models inside the Top 12: the B-Class (#5), C-Class (#7), A-Class (#8) and E-Class (#12) while Audi only has one (the A3 at #6) and BMW none, with its best performer at a low #17 (the 1 Series). Finally, notice the Mini at #15, the VW Beetle at #27 and the Mercedes GLA at a best-ever #33.

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