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France 6 months 2014: Hybrid and electric market share down

Renault Zoe France June 2014Renault Zoe sales are down 42% year-on-year in France so far this year.

We now have access to a little more detail on the French new car market over the first half of 2014 with data by alimentation. Quite a few interesting (and counter-intuitive) developments in the market over the period. Firstly, diesel vehicles continues their decline: in a market up 3% year-on-year they are down 2% to 65.2% market share vs. 68.7% a year ago and 77.3% over the Full Year 2012 (a record). The Renault Clio IV is the most popular diesel model in the country by far with 5.9% share. Reversely, petrol engines are up 17% to pass the 30% market share for the first time in almost a decade (since the 30.4% lodged in 2005) at 31.9% after an all-time low of 22% in 2008. The Peugeot 208 reigns in the petrol war at 6.8% share just above the Renault Clio IV and Twingo.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid France July 2014The Toyota Yaris is still the best-selling hybrid model in France.

But most surprisingly of all, it’s alternative alimentations, heralded as the way of the future, that struggle the most in France this year. Hybrids are down 7% to just 2.2% share: the Toyota Auris’ impressive surge in second place (+28%) is counterbalanced by a harsh drop for the Peugeot 3008 (-26%) while the Toyota Yaris is stable in pole position. The situation is even worse for all electric cars: down 10% over the period to a minimalistic 0.5% share. The entire segment is dictated by the fortunes of the Renault Zoe which held a 75% share among electric vehicles one year ago but is down to 48% this time around (-42%).

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  1. Jack :
    What is the real market ? (all energies)
    BMW sells 22% to their own dealers, 25% for hire fleets and only 36% for private sales.
    Mercedes (resp) : 19%/17%/44%
    Audi : 11%/25%/46%
    Dacia : 8%/5%/87%
    VW : 14%/31%/46%
    Citroen : 14%/ 18%/ 53%
    Peugeot : 10%/ 21%/ 50%
    Renault 16%/ 21%/ 46%/
    Dacia is selling 50% more PS than VW.

    Fleet managers obviously don’t buy Dacia for their employees. They will know why 😀

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