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France 1-19 Nov 2012: Peugeot 208-Renault Clio 4: the duel begins

Peugeot 208 & Renault Clio

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Catastrophic month of November so far in France, with new car sales down 26% year-on-year to 66,066 registrations. French manufacturers are the hardest hit as they only represent 42% of sales over the period. Peugeot leads but drops 28%, followed by Renault (-40%) and Citroen (-37%). The best performing carmakers in the Top 10 are Toyota up 13% to #5, Audi down 7% to #9, Volkswagen down 8% to #4 and Ford down 9% to #6. Notice also Dacia down 46% to #7 and Opel down 37% to #10.

Now that the Renault Clio IV is available all across the country, the traditional duel between the Renault and Peugeot superminis begins. This rivalry is almost 30 years in the making and dates back all the way to 1985 when the Renault Supercinq fought the Peugeot 205 for the pole position… So far, Renault leads with 18 years in the top spot (4 for the Supercinq and 14 for the Clio) vs. 9 for Peugeot (3 for the 205, 2 for the 206 and 4 for the 207). Over the period the Peugeot 208 leads with 2,878 sales and 4.4% share vs. 2,566 and 3.9% for the Clio IV.

Peugeot 205 & Renault Supercinq. Picture by T.C.C, all rights reserved.

Illustrating the strength of foreign manufacturers in France, there are 3 imported models in the Top 7: the VW Polo is up to a brilliant 4th position with 1,877 sales and 2.6%, the Ford Fiesta is back up from #12 in October to #6 at 1,525 units and 2.3% thanks to the facelifted model and the VW Golf  ranks 7th with 1,515 units and 2.3% also, up from #18 last month. Notice also the Renault Scenic up to #5 and the Dacia Duster back in the Top 10.

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