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Collaboration Post: How to afford the car of your dreams

Lamborghini Aventador. Picture courtesy of dexigner.comLamborghini Aventador

Everyone remotely interested in cars has one car they only see themselves driving in their wildest dreams. It can be easier to achieve than you previously thought.

Don’t dismiss used

If your dream car is a classic car, unless you purchased it when it was still on sale, you will have to buy it new and depending on exactly what you are after this can be a relatively affordable experience. When thinking of a supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, it’s all about buying the car at the right time, after it has devaluated greatly and before it gains value as a classic. The ‘right time’ to buy is very different for each car but a bit of online research can help finding that golden moment. Be aware on the running costs of such a purchase though such as insurance.

How about lease

Driving your dream car does not have to be a day-in-day-out thing and you also have the option to lease your dream car short term or long term. This can end up being much cheaper than owning the car outright. More and more companies specialise in short-term luxury rentals and you can feel like a Hollywood superstar for a fraction of the price.

Financing options

Once you have settled on a model and ownership option, sometime nicely packaged financing can make all the difference. Westralian Auto Finance has expert finance consultants experienced in finding the right finance to best suit your needs in terms of car purchase. They can help anyone looking for a great deal on car finance, first-time loan applications and people who have been turned down by the banks. They offer access to a wide range of specialist lenders, including access to a lender specialising in credit issues.

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