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Collaboration post: Buying new or used?

VW Golf GTI mk1 mk7. Picture courtesy of caricos.comVW Golf GTI old and new (US versions shown)

This question is as old as the automobile itself and different populations behave in very varied ways when it comes to responding to the ‘buying new or used’ question. For example in France, for each new car sold, 3 used cars are purchased whereas in India trust levels are so low that used car purchase is still relatively rare. Within each country each consumer also has its preferences but sometimes the question is very hard to answer and it can be a difficult decision to make. The pros and cons of each possibility do not change though, and it’s worthwhile going through them again so we can ensure we make the right purchase decision.


Less research Choosing a new car means you are cutting the amount of research you have to do prior to your purchase. If you think about it, new car options are relatively limited compared to used cars where on top of the brand, model and variant you have to take into account the age, price and state of the car. Websites and car dealers offering similar models are much more numerous and varied than if you opt for a new car. But the crux of it is the condition of used vehicles as you can never be too sure about it…

No Antecedent There is no prior history with a brand new vehicle. Used cars always raise question marks, especially the issues that can be seen with the naked eye or can be hidden by the seller. History documentation can nowadays generally be obtained, but there can still be this nagging voice in the back of your head that something may have slipped through the cracks. One option is to bring a mechanic with you to inspect the used vehicle you are about to purchase. New cars are a much less stressful option, with no antecedent.

Warranty The warranty situation with a new car is pretty clearcut and can be one element of deciding between different brands as warranties can differ widely in what they cover. With used vehicles, a warranty is sometimes relatively rare.


Price The number one reason behind almost every used car purchase. Depreciation of a new car is sudden and can put many people off buying new. Count on average almost half of the value of the new vehicle lost within the first 18 months, whereas a used vehicle is already depreciated and therefore will lose much less value over time. Plus keep in mind if you are buying a car for resale value, it is almost impossible to make a profit, whereas it can still be the case with used cars, especially if you purchase a classic car.

Insurance The cheaper and the older your car is, the less you have to pay to insure it. Therefore insurance for new cars is much more expensive than for used cars.

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