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Media post: What does it feel like to drive the BMW i8

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The BMW i8 – continuing excellence

The BMW i8 represents the epitome of German engineering by harnessing the combined power of an electric motor and a turbocharged mini engine, to produce staggering performance not normally found in hybrid vehicles. A carbonfibre body provides agility, safety and handling, while a rear mounted engine works in perfect unison with a centrally positioned battery pack with no performance lags during power switch overs. Clever engineering design delivers power to the front axle directly from the electric motor and power to the rear from the petrol engine. This, logically of course, delivers full four wheel drive power when electric and petrol are in action simultaneously. The BMW i8 driving experience is truly breathtaking.

The i8 experience

Driving the i8 is truly incredible. The rapid acceleration offered by the electric motor and turbocharged 1.5 engine together thrusts it forwards to 62mph in 4.4 seconds. The steering is precise and this beast has perfectly even weight distribution. Driving the i8 is like etching a line across ice with a razor and with a top speed at over 155mph, it doesn’t hang about either. It offers Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport mode, to tempt your ego and equally appease your conscience. Apart from the top speed, driving the BMW i8 is as inspiring as equivalent non-hybrid sports cars, and out performs many of them too. Not that anyone could legally drive the i8 (or any competitor) anywhere near their top speed in the UK.

Where can I drive the i8?

Test driving the BMW i8 is sure to push you over the fence in favour of this sports hybrid. Maybe the fact that one can drive for 22 miles fuel and pollution free will help with the deciding process. Or maybe the fact that the performance and handling would put many non-hybrid sports cars to shame. Or perhaps even the sheer elegance and prowess belying a car with such green credentials! What ever it is that tips you over the brow of indecision, test driving the i8 will win you over. Most reputable BMW dealers will be able to arrange a no obligation test drive, so call to arrange your BMW i8 experience. Alternatively, If you want to test this car to its limits, then there are many racetracks around the country you can do an experience day. Many experience day operators now stock the BMW i8 as one of their vehicles you can race around one of many tracks in the UK. This option is advisable if you are looking to really give this car a run for its money and see its potential.

BMW i8 prices and specifications

The stunning exterior offers superior road presence with adaptive LEDs, parking sensors and 20″ BMW i-Turbine-spoke style alloys as standard and the interior boasts BMW Professional satellite navigation, leather heated seats, Bluetooth with USB and Voice as a standard, where other cars in the same class charge hefty premiums for less equipment. A full list of all BMW i8 specifications is thoroughly impressive. i8 can deliver up to a huge 362hp, 3700rpm, and a fuel consumption of up to 76 mpg combined. BMW i8 prices are also quite fair considering what they are, what they do and how they do it!

BMW i8 new or used?

Whether you are buying a brand new or used model, be sure to shop around to get a good idea about average BMW i8 prices. The benefits of buying used include the availability of much lower prices for the same luxury and performance, with most used models purchased from reputable BMW dealers being very well maintained. However, buying new means you can choose your exact colour and options and know that the car was tailor made for you. Most BMW dealers will have a selection of approved used cars which have passed rigorous checks and have been brought back up to specification where there had been any technical issues. New or used, the BMW i8 is the future of luxury automotive engineering with a green CV. It performs like a sports car but delivers on environmental responsibility.

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