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São Paolo / Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 2 months 2014: Ford Fiesta and Fiat Siena lead the way

Ford Fiesta Brazil February 2014. Picture courtesy of Ford Fiesta is the most popular vehicle in São Paolo so far this year…

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After Minas Gerais and thanks once again to Marcelo, I can share with you today a little more regional detail about Brazilian sales, fascinating as the sales charts do not match the national ones and by far, showing some very strong regional specificities. If the Minas Gerais data was for the Full Year 2013, now we fast forward to the first two months of 2014. In the São Paolo state, the Ford Fiesta is the best-seller so far this year thanks to 7,750 sales ahead of the Chevrolet Onix and VW Gol. The GDP per capita is higher in this state so the tastes in cars vary accordingly, plus the Ford brand has had a strong heritage in this state for a while.

Fiat Siena Brazil February 2014…while the Fiat Siena dominates in Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Fiat Siena (#6 nationally over the same period) is the leader with 2,500 units sold, followed by the Renault Sandero and VW Gol. One element that explains the success of the Siena is the fact that in the Rio de Janeiro State, the tax registration is lower and almost all gasoline stations also offer natural gas, favouring budget sedans as installing a gas cylinder in a smaller hatches means you can say goodbye to luggage space.

VW Gol Brazil February 2014But the VW Gol is #1 in almost all other Brazilian states.

Other states’ ranking turn out to be a little less ‘wild’, with the VW Gol monopolising the top spot in most of them. If over the Full Year 2013 the Fiat Uno was #1 in Minas Gerais where the Italian manufacturer has its largest Brazilian factory, so far in 2014 the VW Gol is #1 there with 6,000 sales ahead of the Fiat Uno (4,590), Palio (4,100) and Siena (2,346). In Paraná as well (capital: Curitiba), the Gol leads with 3,900 sales followed by the Fiat Uno (2,900) but the Renault Sandero climbs onto the podium at 1,900 units. In Rio Grande do Sul, the Gol is once again #1 (2,000 sales) followed by the Fiesta (1,650). In Bahia it leads over the Fiat Palio with 1,700 units vs. 1,550, in Ceará the Palio manages to get a little closer at 970 sales vs. 1,000 for the Gol, in Pernambuco the Uno is this time #2 with 1,140 units vs. 1,594 for the Gol and finally in Goiás, the Gol leads again with 1,800 sales, followed by the Palio (1,000) and Siena (950).

Finally, there doesn’t seem to be any data available for Brasilia, so if any of you readers is aware of the best-selling models there please comment on this article and link to the source!

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Full 2 months 2014 São Paolo Top 9 and Rio de Janeiro Top 3 models Ranking Tables below.

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