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Netherlands April 2014: Outlander leads, Peugeot 2008 in Top10

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Netherlands April 2014. Picture courtesy of autoweek.nlMitsubishi Outlander PHEV

* See the Top 170 best-selling models and Top 40 All-brands by clicking on the title! *

Dutch new car sales are down 6% year-on-year in March to 28,479 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 135,542 units, down 7% on 2013. Before reading this analysis you have to keep in mind the Netherlands is potentially the market in the world that is the most influenced by preferential pricing attributed to specific eco-friendly variants of some models. This pricing also influences the amount of tax the buyer is paying and can mean a model goes from no sale one month to #1 the next. Case in point: the Suzuki Alto, #1 in February, hasn’t had a single sale this month!

Peugeot 2008 Netherlands April 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.dePeugeot 2008

The Mitsubishi Outlander is back in the lead for the first time since last December with 1,600 units sold for a 5.6% market share, over 50% of its 2014 total so far. The Renault Clio remains very solid at #2 both this month and year-to-date, while the VW Golf, leader last month and so far in 2014 still, is down to #3 with 4.2% share. The VW Up is back… well up to #5 which earns it a 3rd spot year-to-date (vs. #1 in 2013) while the Renault Captur is down just one rank to a beautiful 6th place and 2.8% share.

The Clio and Captur enable Renault to take the lead of the brands ranking in the Netherlands this month with 2,760 sales and 9.7% share vs. 2,752 for Volkswagen while the Outlander single-handedly pushes Mitsubishi up from #11 last month to #3. The Captur’s archenemy, the Peugeot 2008, for its part breaks into the Top 10 for the first time outside of France to #8 with 620 sales and 2.2% vs. #19 and 1.5% for the 208. Notice also the Seat Leon up 22 spots to #11, the Mercedes C-Class up 20 to #39 and the Porsche Macan already the brand’s best-seller for its first full month of sales at #124 with 38 units.

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Full April 2014 Top 170 models and Top 40 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Netherlands April 2014 – brands:

23Alfa Romeo1650.6%265250.4%2425
24Land Rover1540.5%257210.5%2327
37Rolls Royce30.0%4260.0%40n/a
39Aston Martin10.0%3860.0%3941
 –Others2210.8% –5460.4% – –

Netherlands April 2014 – models:

1Mitsubishi Outlander1,6005.6%43,1302.3%911
2Renault Clio1,3634.8%25,0973.8%26
3VW Golf1,2034.2%16,2324.6%12
4Skoda Octavia9143.2%33,6512.7%524
5VW Up!8152.9%114,2693.1%31
6Renault Captur8082.8%53,5532.6%731
7Ford Fiesta7202.5%63,5792.6%612
8Peugeot 20086202.2%171,9061.4%2047
9Toyota Auris6052.1%122,6502.0%1117
10Volvo V605912.1%102,4961.8%1214
11Seat Leon5612.0%331,4981.1%2745
12Audi A35531.9%142,2921.7%1521
13Nissan Qashqai4991.8%72,0651.5%1751
14Toyota Yaris4701.7%181,9821.5%1918
15Fiat 5004671.6%192,2351.6%1620
16Citroen C14671.6%251,8491.4%2115
17Opel Corsa4641.6%81,8231.3%2319
18Citroen C34581.6%201,8441.4%2228
19Peugeot 2084221.5%93,4782.6%810
20Kia Picanto4191.5%264,0603.0%47
21Ford Focus3941.4%221,7961.3%243
22Fiat Panda3401.2%131,7021.3%2523
23BMW 3-Series3231.1%301,3881.0%3013
24Peugeot 1073161.1%162,0611.5%188
25VW Polo3111.1%282,3311.7%149
26Renault Twingo2881.0%299970.7%3822
27Mercedes B-Class2700.9%449620.7%4046
28Nissan Note2580.9%241,0440.8%3394
29Kia Rio2500.9%641,4921.1%2825
30Opel Astra2430.9%211,1030.8%3127
31BMW 5-Series2310.8%399600.7%4136
32Citroen C4 Picasso2270.8%271,4031.0%2972
34Volvo V702190.8%507910.6%5267
35Suzuki Swift2180.8%408700.6%4644
36Opel Meriva2120.7%151,0010.7%3759
37BMW 1-Series1970.7%468380.6%4835
38Kia Sportage1900.7%635900.4%6661
39Mercedes C-Class1890.7%595830.4%6773
40Volvo V401880.7%419080.7%435
41Dacia Logan1830.6%238990.7%45218
42Opel Insignia1820.6%361,0550.8%3264
43Peugeot 3081810.6%341,0300.8%3583
44Fiat Punto1780.6%316530.5%6060
45Suzuki SX4 S-Cross1770.6%698230.6%50121
46Mercedes A-Class1760.6%329030.7%4442
47Ford C-Max1730.6%497900.6%5343
48Audi A11670.6%677970.6%5149
49Skoda Citigo1640.6%487350.5%5638
50Mitsubishi Space Star1630.6%379310.7%4248
51Toyota Aygo1520.5%521,6881.2%2616
52Renault Mégane1490.5%823300.2%934
53Seat Mii1470.5%611,0410.8%3434
54Mazda CX-51460.5%351,0120.7%3639
55Audi A41410.5%458490.6%4726
56Kia Cee’d1390.5%586980.5%5840
57Audi A61380.5%546350.5%6266
58Ford B-Max1370.5%627280.5%5737
59Peugeot 5081260.4%685430.4%7029
60Opel Mokka1240.4%477390.5%5574
61Opel Zafira1230.4%556210.5%6356
62VW Passat1220.4%606480.5%6170
63Renault Scenic1200.4%716210.5%6455
64Seat Ibiza1150.4%854640.3%7962
65Skoda Rapid1130.4%745930.4%65101
66Volvo XC601110.4%725140.4%7288
67Opel Agila1060.4%427420.5%5471
68Ford Ka1060.4%664960.4%7679
69Kia Venga1040.4%805550.4%6868
70VW Tiguan1030.4%984990.4%7592
71BMW 4-Series1030.4%843580.3%89210
72Opel Adam1020.4%565190.4%7182
73Alfa Romeo MiTo1000.4%863460.3%9190
74Mercedes E-Class980.3%575440.4%6975
75Skoda Fabia980.3%735070.4%7452
76Citroen DS3930.3%706610.5%5954
77Ford Mondeo930.3%873970.3%8378
78Audi A5930.3%933950.3%8477
79Suzuki Splash890.3%1092870.2%10080
80Mercedes CLA-Class870.3%764830.4%77102
81Peugeot 3008860.3%515100.4%7365
82Lexus CT850.3%1081950.1%11991
83Hyundai ix20810.3%904170.3%8176
84BMW X5810.3%883650.3%88161
85Dacia Sandero800.3%754630.3%8069
86BMW 3-Series GT780.3%1034020.3%82104
87Nissan Micra770.3%793900.3%8684
88BMW i3770.3%892520.2%106159
89BMW X1760.3%1132510.2%108112
90Skoda Yeti750.3%1292240.2%114131
91Kia Carens740.3%1262520.2%107105
92Skoda Superb690.2%1063910.3%85117
93Mini Countryman690.2%1013070.2%9795
94Range Rover Evoque690.2%923000.2%98114
95Citroen C4690.2%n/a1120.1%140115
96Audi Q3670.2%943250.2%95118
97Hyundai ix35650.2%1212470.2%11186
98VW Touran640.2%1023550.3%9087
99Citroen DS5610.2%1042250.2%11363
100Mercedes GLA-Class600.2%1051190.1%137 –
101Range Rover Sport590.2%1252790.2%101178
102Fiat 500L580.2%1003220.2%96100
103Audi Q5580.2%952910.2%99107
104Dacia Duster580.2%911880.1%121180
105Alfa Romeo Giulietta580.2%1311640.1%125103
106Hyundai i30570.2%963310.2%9281
107Mitsubishi ASX570.2%773270.2%94111
108Hyundai i20550.2%839780.7%3957
109Honda Jazz530.2%1221640.1%126116
110Hyundai i10520.2%532,3951.8%1330
111Volvo S60520.2%1232500.2%109127
112BMW X3500.2%1202230.2%11597
113Toyota Verso-S500.2%1342090.2%117108
115Tesla Model S490.2%432620.2%10485
116Peugeot 5008490.2%1152340.2%112106
117Volvo XC70480.2%1171970.1%118136
119VW Transporter450.2%1072730.2%102110
120Jaguar XF440.2%n/a1130.1%139152
121Toyota RAV4410.1%1102560.2%105120
122Nissan Leaf390.1%651950.1%120128
123BMW 2-Series380.1%139690.1%158 –
124Porsche Macan380.1%n/a390.0%187 –
125Ford Kuga370.1%1301800.1%123132
126Citroen DS4370.1%168690.1%159155
127Subaru Forester340.1%1351570.1%129135
128Citroen C3 Picasso340.1%1371520.1%131130
129Nissan Juke320.1%972490.2%11099
130Dacia Lodgy320.1%1271670.1%12493
131Toyota Verso320.1%1331350.1%135126
132Lexus IS300.1%1362210.2%116146
133Honda Civic300.1%1161430.1%134122
134Mercedes S-Class290.1%1321600.1%127189
135Ford S-Max290.1%1421450.1%133133
136Ford Galaxy290.1%1191180.1%138164
137Opel Cascada280.1%163580.0%166176
138BMW Z4260.1%157590.0%164187
139BMW 6-Series250.1%n/a740.1%153162
141Porsche 911230.1%1411550.1%130151
142Smart Fortwo220.1%144940.1%142142
143Dacia Dokker220.1%140900.1%145184
144BMW 7-Series220.1%155830.1%147186
145VW Beetle210.1%138930.1%143138
146Range Rover210.1%173770.1%150144
147Toyota Prius210.1%153770.1%15133
148Seat Toledo200.1%170980.1%141149
149Toyota Avensis200.1%165820.1%148154
150Mercedes Sprinter190.1%1181510.1%132124
151Volvo S80190.1%164920.1%144166
152Seat Altea190.1%149850.1%146129
153VW Caddy180.1%152760.1%152145
154Porsche Panamera170.1%1281860.1%122171
155Citroen C5170.1%156510.0%173148
156Jeep Grand Cherokee170.1%n/a430.0%181226
157Lancia Ypsilon160.1%1111200.1%136139
158Honda CR-V150.1%1121570.1%128125
159VW Jetta150.1%n/a790.1%14941
160Subaru XV140.0%160720.1%156177
161VW Sharan140.0%145690.1%161165
162Opel Vivaro140.0%174530.0%170216
163Renault Zoe140.0%146460.0%179123
164BMW 5-Series GT130.0%162550.0%167167
165Seat Alhambra130.0%n/a530.0%171174
166Kia Optima120.0%150720.1%155140
167Renault Laguna120.0%n/a470.0%178150
168Audi A7110.0%154540.0%168183
169Audi A8100.0%151690.1%157193
170Ford Tourneo Custom100.0%143660.0%162207
171Mercedes M-Class100.0%167610.0%163156
172Citroen C4 Aircross100.0%n/a190.0%205147


This Post Has 6 Comments
  1. Taste is subjective, but the design of the Outlander does nothing for me. Really surprised by its success in the Netherlands.
    A well deserved great result for the Leon.

  2. Hi Matt,

    “This is simply because the sales are readjusted based on actual figures month after month.”

    Do you mean that one or more of the figures of the previous months (January=7, February=10, March=190) actually appeared afterwards not to be correct?

    But wouldn’t it be better to take the difference (262-256=6), and add it to the total of the latest month (in this case April=49). The total for April then would be 49+6=55.

    Because you know, whenever it was, but those 6 cars were registered this year in a certain month, but if you don’t know in which month that happened, then just add it to the latest month that is being published currently (April).

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Matt,

    About the total number of Tesla Model S registrations in 2014:

    January 2014: 7
    February 2014: 10
    March 2014: 190
    April 2014: 49

    Total: 7 + 10 + 190 + 49 = 256

    But in this “Netherlands April 2014” report we see a total figure of 262 (in both the brands and the models lists).

    How is that possible?

    We know that 256 is not the same as 262, right?

    Do you have an explenation for this?

    Were there really only 49 Tesla Model S cars registered in The Netherlands in April 2014?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Benza,
      Many thanks for your note.
      As I am sure you have noticed for countries like the Netherlands, France or Italy for example, the totals month after month do not add up exactly. This is simply because the sales are readjusted based on actual figures month after month. For these countries, sales data published early the next month are 90% estimates and get refined before the next batch of data gets published, resulting in slightly different year-to-date figures. For other countries (like Germany and the US for example) the data published early the next month is definitive and the adjustment happens in the figure for the next month.
      So in the scheme of things 6 units difference
      Hope this makes sense.
      All the best,

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