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Monaco (brands) Full Year 2013: Audi & Mercedes reign supreme

Aston Martin One-77 Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Seber GiebersAston Martin sales are up 192% in Monaco in 2013. Aston Martin One-77 © Seger Giesbers

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Twice a year I share with you exclusive new car sales data for the Principality of Monaco, and the time has come for Full Year 2013 reports! Be sure you won’t find these figures anywhere else than on BSCB… Monaco is a fascinating car market to follow indeed as the wealth of its inhabitants makes for very exotic brands and models rankings. While the country is nested within France, the Monaco new car market evolves in a distinctly different way in 2013: up 6% year-on-year to 2,556 registrations. Audi remains the most popular carmaker in the Principality thanks to sales up a very solid 10% to 412 units for a 16.1% market share, while Mercedes is catching up, gaining an astounding 20% year-on-year to reach 378 sales and 14.8% share vs. 13.1% in 2012.

Audi R8 Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Anthony GonzalezAudi is the best-selling carmaker in Monaco this year. © Anthony Gonzalez

Amazingly, Porsche manages to maintain itself on the podium (yessir) at #3 in spite of sales down 4% to 185 units and 7.2% share. It is followed by Volkswagen, BMW and Mini all losing ground on 2012, whereas Toyota (+17%), Land Rover (+35%) and Fiat (+46%) all make significant progress. An anomaly always interesting to notice in Monaco is the particular weakness of French manufacturers, due to the fact that none of them has a dealership in the Principality: Peugeot is nevertheless up 16% and two spots to #11, Renault is down 3% to #12 and Citroen down 13% to #16. Among other mass-market brands, notice Opel up 106% to #19, Hyundai up a round 100% to #21 and Dacia up 78% to #27.

Rolls Royce Phantom Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of rickphotography1995Rolls-Royce sales are up 23% in Monaco this year. © Rickphotography1995

If there was one country in the world where prestige brands should do well it would be Monaco, and it is the case. Ferrari was among the 10 best-selling carmakers here halfway through the year, it is now down to a still very impressive #13 and 2.1% share over the Full Year, Bentley is up one spot on 2012 to #15 and a huge 1.8% market share, Aston Martin is up a whopping 192% to #18 with 1.4% share, Maserati is up 50% to #24, Rolls-Royce up 23% to #28 and Lamborghini up 22% to #31.

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