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Israel: 1991-2023 Historical Data now available

The Mazda3 was invincible in Israel from 2005 to 2010, commanding over 12% of the market at the time.

Historical Data for Israel is available on BSCB for the past 32 years up to 1991.

Israel Historical Data:

Israel 1991-2012: All Make and All Models data available. Contact us here for more details

Israel 2005-2008: Mazda3 invincible

Israel 2009-2010: Mazda3 in the lead

Israel 2011: Toyota Corolla threatens Mazda3

Israel 2012: Ford Focus runaway leader

Israel 2013: Kia Picanto best-seller for the first time

Israel 2014: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Israel 2015: Kia most popular brand, Picanto reclaims lead

Israel 2016: Kia Sportage first ever crossover to lead charts

Israel 2017: Kia Picanto reclaims lead, Hyundai Ioniq up to #6

Israel 2018: First win in the world for the Hyundai Ioniq

Israel 2019: Toyota Corolla (+149.8%) takes control in third straight market fall (-5.1%)

Israel 2020: Hyundai and Toyota Corolla dominate market down -15.5%

Israel 2021: Market rallies back up 34.8%, Hyundai and Toyota Corolla stay on top

Israel 2022: Hyundai & Kia Picanto lead, Geely Geometry C & BYD Atto 3 instant blockbusters

Israel 2023: BYD Atto 3 takes control, 3 Chinese models in Top 7

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  1. I am interested in learning about popular (or at least common) cars in Israel in the 1960’s. Do you know any sources? Thanks.

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