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San Marino Full Year 2013: Audi edges past Volkswagen to rank #1

Audi A7 San Marino 2013Audi A7

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San Marino, also romantically called the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a 61km2 enclave surrounded by Italy, home to 30,000 inhabitants. In 2013 the San Marino new car market is down 14% year-on-year after declining by 18% in 2012… Big event atop the brands ranking: premium Audi manages to edge past its mass-market counterpart Volkswagen, albeit by just one sale: up 2% to 186 units and 17.2% share vs. 185 and 17.1% for Volkswagen, down a harsh 22% on 2012… This makes San Marino one of only a few markets in the world (with Monaco notably) where Audi sells more than Volkswagen. Fiat remains third at 13% share, followed by Suzuki, Opel and Toyota.

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