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San Marino 6 months 2013: Fiat teases Volkswagen for #1 spot

Fiat Panda San Marino June 2013Fiat Panda. Fiat could become the #1 brand in San Marino in 2013, like in surrounding Italy.

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San Marino, also romantically called the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a 61 square kilometres enclave surrounded by Italy in the North of the country, home to 30,000 inhabitants. The particularity of the San Marino new car market is that although it is technically in Italy, Fiat is much less successful here and German brands rule the roost. However this seems to be changing somehow. Over the first 6 months of 2013, new car sales in the country are down a painful 22% year-on-year to just 585 registrations.

Suzuki Alto San Marino June 2013In spite of sales down 21%, Suzuki remains the #4 brand in San Marino vs. #22 in Italy

Volkswagen remains the most popular brand but with sales falling faster than the market at -36%, its market share has thawed to 16.6% vs. 20.3% a year ago. Reversely, Fiat gains 22% and goes from 10.2% share halfway through 2012 to 15,9% now, only 4 units below VW! Audi rounds up the podium at 13% (-25%), followed by Suzuki (-21%), Renault (+36%) and BMW, up 5 spots and 40% to #6. Notice also Hyundai up 36% and Lancia up 33%.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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