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Morocco: 2004-2023 Historical Data now available

Dacia Logan in Morocco. Picture: Flickr 

Historical Data covering over 15 years is now available for Morocco, however I am missing annual data for 2010 and 2011, so if you have access to any information for these years as well as anything before 2004 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this article. The direct links to all annual articles are below.

Morocco 2004-2005: Renault Kangoo leader, Logan gears up

Morocco 2006-2008: Dacia Logan in command

Morocco 2009: Dacia Logan at 15% share

Morocco September 2011: Renault Kangoo reclaims leadership

Morocco 2012: Renault Kangoo #1, 3 Dacias in Top 4!

Morocco 2013: Dacia Logan, Dokker and Sandero in Top 4

Morocco 2015: Dacia improves share to 28.7% in record market

Morocco 2016: Dacia places entire range in Top 7 in record market

Morocco 2017: Dacia (+8%) and Renault (+27%) lead in record market

Morocco 2018: Locally-produced Dacia Dokker snaps lead off Logan in market up 5.2%

Morocco 2019: Dacia Dokker repeats at #1, resists Renault Clio in market down -4.9%

Morocco 2020: Dacia monopolises podium in market off -20.9%

Morocco 2021: Dacia Sandero topples Dokker in market up 30% to record volume

Morocco 2022: Dacia clear leader, Logan overtakes Sandero is market off 8%

Morocco 2023: Renault Express first non-Dacia to lead in over 10 years

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