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Australia December 2013: Sydney Photo Report Part 1

1969 International Scout Sydney December 20131969 International Scout

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Following the success of my Trans-Siberian Long Term Photo series, I have decided to share with you what can be seen in the streets of Sydney, Australia where I reside. It never occurred to me to do this before, simply because these are I see every day, but I thought it might interesting for you readers living far away. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more Photo Reports throughout the Australian summer! We start with a lovely turquoise International Scout, originally launched in 1969. International is nowadays known for their F**-off trucks competing with the likes of Mack, but this American brand born over one hundred years ago in 1902 used to manufacture a whole range of light commercial vehicles and 4WD, including this pick-up jeep which really looks like an oversized toy.

MG6 GT Sydney December 2013aMG6 GT

As I have described in my latest Australian sales update, MG has been reintroduced in the country in 2013 but does not appear in the sales rankings yet because no official data is being released for now. I spotted my very first ‘true’ MG6 (read anywhere else than in the Parramatta road dealership) parked in Darlinghurst, one of the more upmarket suburbs of Sydney, pictured above.

1974 Triumph 2500 TC  Sydney December 20131974 Triumph 2500 TC

Sydney-siders love their vintage cars, like this perfectly restored Triumph 2500 TC originally launched almost 40 years ago in 1974, but in absolute mint condition. Triumph used to enjoy relatively high sales levels in the sixties and seventies in Australia, in line with its score in the UK. At the time, the Australian car market used to be much closer to the English one than it is today. You can check out 65 years worth of Australian Historical sales Data here (You need to become a Member to access the data tables).

Holden Commodore Sydney December 2013Holden Commodore in Paddington, Sydney

Holden Commodore Terrigal December 2013Holden Commodore in Terrigal, New South Wales

The new (and last) generation Holden Commodore has well and truly landed in Sydney, and I have observed a very interesting sales mix: most Commodores I have spotted are either the station wagon or high-spec sports variants like the SS. No ‘plain Jane’ versions yet.

1977 Holden Sandman Ute Sydney December 20131977 Holden Sandman ute. Many thanks to John for the pic.

Australia invented the passenger car-derived pick-up (or “ute” for utility vehicle) when Holden launched the 50-216 Coupe Utility back in 1951. Since then, this type of vehicle has become emblematic of Australia’s surfing culture and loads of specimens can still be seen both in cities and on the beach nowadays. Including this bright orange 1977 Holden Sandman spotted in Darlinghurst.

Subaru Impreza sedan Terrigal December 2013Subaru Impreza in Terrigal, New South Wales

Subaru has a special place in the hearts of Australian consumers, making this country one of the brand’s most important in terms of sales figures worldwide. The XV can literally be seen everywhere already, but less popular models in other corners of the planet still get their place under the sun, like the above Impreza sedan spotted in Terrigal, one hour drive North of Sydney.

VW Combi Sydney December 2013VW Combi in Bondi Beach, Sydney

All the cliches about blonde Australian surfers driving battered VW Combis are actually… true. The Combi is a nation-wide favourite and can still be seen frequently anywhere there are waves to surf…

More photos below.

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