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Thailand August 2013: Mitsubishi Attrage off to a great start

Mitsubishi Attrage Thailand August 2013. Picture courtesty of Attrage

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This month I am able to share with you a little more detail for the Thai new car market. On top of pick-up trucks where the Toyota Hilux dominates the Isuzu D-Max with 13,898 sales vs. 12,223 and the Ford Ranger is now #4 year-to-date vs. #7 in 2012, we have a rare insight into the supermini segment. Online Thai resource Thanonline published this data to mark the release of the new generation Toyota Yaris which will enter production on October 21 locally. Now there are a few things I don’t understand, like why the Toyota Vios, Honda Jazz or Honda City are not included in this list while the Nissan Almera is, but still, it gives us a great snapshot into sales of models that were actually tailored to this market and may not make much sense elsewhere.

Honda Amaze Thailand August 2013. Picture courtesy of motortrivia.comThe Honda Amaze outsells the Brio 5 to 1 this month in Thailand.

If the Suzuki Swift leads the way with 4,001 sales and 26.3% share of the segment, the Nissan Almera, considered here as the sedan version of the Nissan Micra, sells an impressive 3,413 units for a 22.5% share while the Mitsubishi Attrage, the sedan version of the Mirage, which has its sole manufacturing plant in the world in Thailand, is off to a great start with just under 3,000 sales and 19.3% share. That’s already more than double the sales of the Mirage. Notice also the Honda Amaze outselling the Brio by a 5 to 1 ratio!

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Full August 2013 superminis and pick-up trucks Ranking Tables below.

Thailand August 2013 – superminis:

1Suzuki Swift4,00126.3%
2Nissan Almera3,41322.5%
3Mitsubishi Attrage2,92819.3%
4Honda Brio Amaze1,98613.1%
5Mitsubishi Mirage1,4159.3%
6Nissan Micra1,0737.1%
7Honda Brio3732.5%

Thailand August 2013 – pick-up trucks:

1Toyota Hilux13,89837.7%1142,18138.4%11
2Isuzu D-Max12,22333.2%2130,88835.4%22
3Mitsubishi Triton2,7097.4%328,9297.8%33
4Ford Ranger2,6327.1%418,0554.9%47
5Mazda BT-501,9875.4%517,9654.9%55
6Chevrolet Colorado1,9275.2%616,8254.5%64
7Nissan Navara1,3823.8%713,7963.7%76
8Tata Xenon690.2%81,3320.4%88

Source:, Toyota Thailand

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  1. Matt,

    one explanation i can find is that Attrage, Brio and Almera have 1200cc engines around 80-90hp, that are fiscally promoted in Thailand (as far as i remember), whereas Vios, City or Jazz have 1500cc engines.

    By the way, great job for your blog!
    Greetings from Switzerland.

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thank you very much for this piece of information which indeed can explain why these models are grouped in the same segment.
      And many thanks for your praise, I really appreciate it!

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