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Sponsored post: What are the Top 3 family cars

Honda Accord USA September 2013Honda Accord

Choosing the right family vehicle is a confusing process. There are seemingly endless choices available for both small and large families. There are safety features to be compared, prices to be tailored to budgets and extras to be considered. The three best cars designed for families have three things in common: safety, economy and reliability.

1. Honda Accord
Out of all the midsize saloons currently on the market, the Accord has the best safety features. It has a quiet engine and excellent suspension. Sleeping children won’t be jostled in this car. The Accord is specially designed to prevent injury in head-on collisions with cars or stationary objects such as trees. The Accord also has strong roof crush protection, a safety feature often neglected in many vehicles that have a reputation for security. The Accord comes with Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist. This system stabilises the car when drivers round corners too sharply or too widely. The Accord features two types of airbags: smart airbags that deploy in two stages and side curtain airbags. The latest model of the Accord sells for around £23,000. Older models can be purchased used for slightly less. Honda has a host of potential family cars with another great option been the Honda CR-V available at Vertu Honda Boston.

2. Subaru Outback
The Outback has a well-deserved reputation for safety. It received five stars from independent safety assessors after extensive frontal crash and side crash tests. The Outback also features superior traction control. The car is excellent for large families as it has a spacious interior. The 2014 Outback is priced at £28,000. However, the design has not changed a great deal since the 2008 model. Cash-strapped families can save several thousand pounds by purchasing a used 2008 instead of the most current model.

3. Kia Optima
The Kia Optima is a modestly priced saloon. The car has a respectable fuel efficiency of 47 miles per gallon, although Optimas with manual transmissions can achieve almost 60 mpg. The Optima has several attractive safety features that make it perfect to safely transport children. Some of the key safety features are Kia’s Brake Assist and Hill Assist Control technologies, which prevent the car from rolling backwards when it is parked on a slope. The car also has electronic stability control to prevent harmful accidents due to decreased traction. The newest model of the Optima ranges from £21,000 to £26,000.

Safety and reliability are key components of the perfect family car. Most families prefer solid, long-lasting cars with excellent safety features over flashier and more expensive models. Whether they are a roomy saloon or a sturdy estate car, the safest and most reliable family cars provide peace of mind. Whichever car dealership you decide to go for make sure you buy from a reputable dealership such as Vertu Honda. This way you know you are more likely to get a professional service.

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