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History of Car Manufacturers Interactive Infographic

Car Manufacturers Interactive Infographic

MoneySupermarket has launched an interactive infographic showcasing the history of car manufacturers. The car timeline details every vital car manufacturer launch, merger and purchase from the beginning of production in 1886 to the present day and looks at the pioneering practices of some of the biggest and longest standing car manufacturing brands in history, including Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Over the course of 127 years, the interactive site details the remarkable growth of car manufacturing from the birth of the industry in 1886 to today’s automotive landscape of 39 major car manufacturers and over 90 key car brands.

At the end of the timeline, 2013 sees some of the biggest anniversaries in the history of motoring, including the 75th anniversary of the Type 1 Beetle, 50th anniversary of both Lamborghini and Mustang and the 30th anniversary of one of the world’s oldest manufacturer’s most famous car, the Peugeot 205.

Key facts covered in the interactive timeline include:

  • The establishment of the world’s first car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz
  • The build of the first VW Beetle in 1937
  • The death of the Rover in 2005
  • Establishment of Seat by the Spanish Government

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