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Media post: Choosing the right vehicle for a heist

Lexus 2054 Minority Report 2002

There is a great number of vehicles that could be used to help someone perform a casino heist. Whether it is sheer brute force that is required, speed or simply nimbleness that is required, there will be something on this definitive list, compiled by, of getaway vehicles for the job…

2002 Lexus 2054

This was the car driven by Tom Cruise in Minority Report, he needed the fastest car that he could find to evade the cops. Finding himself hiding in the automated Lexus factory, he was in luck with this great-looking beast that came with a whopping 650 horsepower and advanced safety features, such as a crash-proof structure and biometric safety features that makes it perfect for high-speed getaway. The car recently sold on eBay for $125,000.

Nash Bearcat


Making unlikely inclusion on this list, this van proved the perfect vehicle for Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan’s gang in Ocean’s Eleven to help them complete the most daring and impossible of casino heists, having slipped out of the casino with more than $150 million in cash.

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is an iconic getaway vehicle that is central to the archetypal chase movie, Vanishing Point. It also featured less successfully in Bullit and also features in the Tarantino film, Death Proof as an explicit homage to Vanishing Point. An old-school muscle car, the Challenger 570 driven by the character Kowalski as he flees from a growing legion of police cars. It actually has a very modern feel, with great reliability and handling, in addition to its large 500 horsepower engine.

1968 Mini

1968 Mini

If you ever find yourself needing to make a getaway through the narrow, winding streets of Italy a la The Italian Job, then the iconic original Mini could be the car for you, as it is not only nimble but easy to hide and ditch. -

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

Definitely the most up-to-date car on this list, this car’s 500 horsepower makes it great for any high-speed escape. In addition, the car has a ‘wagon utility’ which makes it practical for hauling large amounts of loot. The CT5-V has a V8 engine with a huge amount of torque and comes complete with a six-speed gearbox – perfect for evading the police through winding and unpredictable city streets.

Bell 206a Jetranger

Vastberga Helicopter Robbery

One of the most daring raids this century was committed by thieves at a cash depot in Stockholm, Sweden, who used a helicopter to land on the glass roof, before using explosives to enter the building and escape quickly and efficiently with a large amount of cash.

The helicopter in question was a Bell 206.

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