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Media post: Tips on Planning for a Road Trip to California using a Van

A bunch of you are planning a road trip to California, you know, just to be spontaneous or for a change of scenery. Unlike air travel, driving gives you an opportunity to see most sites. Road trips are an awesome way to break from the boring routine. You get to experience culture in different regions like a local.

To transport the whole lot, you will need a large vehicle. A van will be an amazing choice. If you don’t have one, you should be checking out where to rent a van for a road trip. There are different types of vans and choosing one will depend on your preferences. Make sure you compare prices from at least three rental companies to get the cheapest and help you save on car rental.

Ever wanted to go someplace but would your group rather go to another place? Or do you want to stay longer but your friends would rather leave? Planning your road trip and having a general idea of how the trip will go will save you such a headache.

Below are a few tips you should consider when planning your trip to California to ensure everything goes on smoothly.

Make a general plan for the road trip.

What is your final destination? In our instance it is California. This helps you pick on your stopovers along the route. Are you going to have one driver or switch after some distance? How long will the road trip last? Are you camping or staying in hotels?  Have an answer to such questions before getting on the road.

Staying on the road around the clock could be exhausting and is not advisable. Make plans ahead of time for your accommodation along your travel route. Such stopovers are also perfect for restocking food and refueling if you are low on gas, plus a perfect chance to experience the local culture.

Choose your vehicle.

Choose a vehicle to move you from spot to spot and carry your luggage too. A van would be a nice idea for a large group as already agreed at the beginning of the article. If you don’t have one, you should consider renting one. There are many rental companies where you can get a car rental for 8 people or more. To get a good 8-passenger van rental at a good price visit The site will help you navigate the nitty-gritty of how to rent 8 passenger van,  and you will get the best deal you can get anywhere.

Choose your route

This might seem simple but it’s quite an important detail of your trip. How you will get to your destination should be agreed on. Study a map if necessary. Decide on the places to visit and the duration. Select the route you will take to your destination. Download offline maps or bring a printed one for directions.

Choose the duration of each stop

Before hitting the road, you already know how much time you will spend on the road trip. From this, you can decide how long your stopovers should be. Try to seek advice from locals on the best hotels, camping spots, security situations in the area, and fun activities to take part in.

Make a budget

On the road, there are numerous different places to visit and also various activities you may want to take part in. With this, the risk of overspending increases. A budget will help you sort this out. Plan for such things as gas money, money for food, and accommodation. This will save you a lot of headaches. Make a budget of some sort before getting on the road.

Take your car to a professional for an inspection

Let a professional inspect your air filter, check your oil, and check wheel alignment and balancing. Have a general inspection of your vehicle before going on this trip. You don’t want your car to break down on the road.


When travelling to California by road, a good plan is essential for the trip to be successful. This ensures you don’t leave stuff behind and that all aspects of the trip are taken care of. One important aspect when making plans is arranging for your means of transport.

When traveling with friends in a group, always opt for a van. Vans come with many benefits with the major one being the ample space. You can always rent one from the many rental companies available if renting is an option for you.

A few considerations to put in mind when planning the trip have been discussed above. Apply them and you will have one of the most memorable trips to California.

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