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Media post: A Look at the Most Common Engine Problems in Trucks

1959 Chevrolet-NAPCO Apache 31 Deluxe Fleetside Pickup truck

When your truck starts to act up it’s never a fun time. Often we jump to the worst case scenario imagining a ridiculously high repair bill. It’s important to understand there are actually a number of engine problems that can occur in diesel trucks, and not all of them are as serious and expensive to repair as the others. Here’s a look at the most common diesel truck repair & service procedures that take place.

Engine Issues

The engine can cause all kinds of issues, typically these can be attributed to compression that isn’t up to par or engine timing that just isn’t right. The mechanic will typically look at things like the valves, piston rings, cylinders, injectors, and filters if there are engine issues. One of the tell-tale signs of an engine problem is smoke.

Dirty Fuel

It’s amazing how much damage dirty fuel can cause. It will circulate through the fuel filters clogging them up, the air filters, and the motor. If the clogs become severe enough it will get to the point where the motor won’t be able to receive the fuel, which means you won’t even be able to start your truck. The typical fix for this problem is to replace the air and fuel filters. The fuel lines and fuel pump should also be checked as well as the ECM and injectors. To prevent this from happening try to fill up at reputable gas stations only and get the highest grade fuel your truck will allow.

Hauling Too Heavy of a Load

Trucks haul all kinds of loads and sometimes either knowingly or by accident they can be overloaded. Unfortunately, when this happens you risk overheating the engine, as it will be forced to work much too hard. If you’re trying to climb steep hills, this is even more likely to happen. It is suggested you gear down to help in these kinds of situations. Obviously, the best way to avoid this problem from happening is to not overload your truck.

EGR is Acting Up

If you have found that your engine is idling extremely rough lately, then you may have an issue with the EGR, which is the exhaust gas recirculation. The sensor is extremely sensitive on the EGR and can even give false readings from time to time, so this is a problem you’ll want to have looked at by a professional. If you need to replace the valve and EGR sensor then you can expect this repair job to run you a few hundred dollars.

Check Engine Light is On

Unfortunately this light alone isn’t enough to tell the full story. When you see this light come on, it’s time to visit the mechanic. It could be anything from the emissions, to the electronics, to the parts itself.

Best Not to Take Chances

If you suspect there are some engine problems going on with your truck it’s best not to take any chances. Putting off having it looked at can make the problem worse, and end up costing you more to repair in the end.

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