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Matt Kazan

Ok last time I posted this I thought I would have a hard time getting access to the internet but it was fine. Now once again I am going to be in transit over the next few days and it will be a little more remote. So I will do my best to load the new articles I am writing as I speak as often as possible, but please forgive me in advance if they don’t come as thick and fast as usual.

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  1. Many thanks everyone! Yep I’m travelling in Russia, hopping on and off trains with long periods without any internet, trying to keep the updates coming though! And I have some surprises in store for you so stay tuned…

  2. Bon Voyage from me as well, thanks for the Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/England blog, looking forward to your next article

  3. Hey, you deserve a break Matt, after all the wonderful work you have done keeping us all informed and entertained all year long.

    Going anywhere exciting?

    Wherever it may be, safe travels.

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