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Ireland July 2013: Ford Focus & Mondeo shine in new year change

Ford Focus Ireland July 2013Ford Focus

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The first full July sales figures are starting to trickle down today, with Ireland the first to publish. For the first time in the history of automobile in the country, a 2nd annual licence plate change was introduced this year in July, so this month’s sales are totally exceptional at 11,640 registrations, up 163% year-on-year. This figure should instead be compared to last January when 17,293 vehicles were registered. So not quite the frenzy of the start of the year, but it is a big purchasing habit to change, so let’s give it a couple of years before we evaluate its success. The year-to-date total now amounts to 64,866 units, down 9% on 2012.

Model-wise, the Ford Focus is back in pole position for the first time since last January and the 4th time in the last 14 months thanks to 627 sales and 5.4% share, passing the VW Golf at 618 units and 5.3% which nevertheless remains this year’s leader so  far with 3,241 sales and 5%. Ford has a stellar month, placing the Fiesta at #3 (+20 spots on June) and the Mondeo at #9 vs. #25 year-to-date.

Other great performers in Ireland this month include the Opel Insignia at #8 vs. #13 year-to-date, the Hyundai i30 up 26 ranks on June to #15, the Dacia Duster remaining extremely solid at #18 with 1.5% share, Hyundai i20 up to #23, Mercedes E-Class up 13 spots to #29, Peugeot 508 up to #36 and the Ford Ka up to #46. Notice also the Peugeot 2008 at #73 and the Renault Captur at #82.

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Full July 2013 Top 50 models Ranking Table below.

Ireland July 2013:

1Ford Focus6275.4%152,5674.0%31
2VW Golf6185.3%23,2415.0%12
3Ford Fiesta5194.5%232,1373.3%48
4Nissan Qashqai4133.5%82,8174.3%23
5Toyota Auris3513.0%51,9583.0%59
6Skoda Octavia3443.0%91,7152.6%66
7Opel Astra3082.6%181,5772.4%817
8Opel Insignia3012.6%71,2291.9%1313
9Ford Mondeo2612.2%178351.3%2521
10VW Polo2342.0%11,1691.8%1412
11VW Passat2221.9%31,6922.6%77
12Toyota Avensis1941.7%141,4442.2%104
13Toyota Yaris1871.6%61,5472.4%95
14Renault Clio1831.6%121,0791.7%1722
15Hyundai i301821.6%411,0191.6%1833
16Kia Sportage1701.5%241,2511.9%1220
17Hyundai i401631.4%329651.5%1919
18Dacia Duster1631.4%196321.0%34 –
19Nissan Micra1591.4%251,1261.7%1523
20Opel Corsa1581.4%168831.4%2318
21Hyundai ix351461.3%271,3052.0%1116
22Toyota RAV41451.2%135040.8%4269
23Hyundai i201421.2%n/a5530.9%3751
24BMW 3-Series1351.2%49301.4%2032
25Toyota Corolla1301.1%108941.4%2211
26Renault Fluence1271.1%219091.4%2110
27Audi A41171.0%268291.3%2626
28BMW 5-Series1171.0%201,1171.7%1615
29Mercedes E Class1151.0%425110.8%4028
30Audi A61090.9%n/a7141.1%2827
31Audi A31080.9%n/a5690.9%3647
32Nissan Juke1070.9%306771.0%3025
33VW Jetta1050.9%386381.0%3330
34VW Tiguan1050.9%404040.6%4642
35BMW 1-Series1040.9%114210.6%4445
36Peugeot 5081030.9%n/a3560.5%5036
37Peugeot 2081010.9%n/a8701.3%24107
39Skoda Superb890.8%287821.2%2724
40Seat Ibiza880.8%486681.0%3131
41Hyundai Santa Fe870.7%395950.9%3566
42Skoda Fabia850.7%n/a5060.8%4129
43Suzuki SX4840.7%n/a2090.3%7561
44VW CC820.7%442180.3%7367
45Honda Civic810.7%295390.8%3841
46Ford Ka810.7%n/a1950.3%80n/a
47Renault Megane800.7%336591.0%3214
49Opel Mokka780.7%n/a3500.5%53210
50Seat Leon780.7%494310.7%4365

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