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Guest post: Top 5 Chevy Truck Upgrades

Chevrolet Silverado USA June 2013b2014 Chevrolet Silverado interior

Chevy trucks are a great investment for a dependable and hardworking truck. Whether your Chevy truck is older or newer, bigger or smaller, you can guarantee a pickup truck that will carry its weight.  And if you want to get the most out of your pickup truck, there are some great mods and upgrades available through Chevy to help enhance and customize your truck to your needs and dreams.  Here is a list of some of the top upgrades for your Chevy pickup truck and they may be more affordable than you think.

Tonneau cover

Tonneau covers are a great asset for any pickup truck.  However, they can have more benefit than meets the eye.  Tonneau covers provide your freight with protection from the elements and from thieves.  They are most commonly made of hard plastic or fiberglass and add a sleek look the pickup truck by offering a streamlined look to it.  Tonneau covers will also minimize drag on the vehicle when it is moving, causing the vehicle to use less fuel.

Bed liners

And while you’re at it with a Tonneau cover, it is recommended to add a bed liner to go with it.  Bed liners will protect the bed of your truck from freight and heavy equipment crashing around and vice versa.  There are two types of bed liners available.  Those two types include spray in, and drop in, and both have unique purposes to help customize your truck.

Chevy air intakes systems

One of the most efficient ways to increase your engines performance and cheapest is to install and upgraded air intake system.  The air intake will allow your car to breathe cleaner air, which allows it to perform to a higher standard.  This small part, can increase your gas mileage, horsepower, torque, and even help extend the life of your engine.

Chevrolet performance chip

By installing a Chevy performance chip into your Chevy pickup truck, you will increase just about everything your engine does.  The performance chip steps up the default setting of the truck to help it run with greater horsepower and torque.  Whether you are looking for more speed, or more heavy lifting or climbing, the performance chip is sure to do the trick

Chevy interior upgrades

One of the big resale factors in all automobiles is the interior.  And with Chevy pickup truck seat covers and floor mats, it is possible to protect your interior to the highest standard.  Seat covers keep all the dirt, water, oil, and well everything else that gets into our interior out.  And with materials ranging from sheepskin, to leatherette, interior seat covers are a great way to customize your truck and make it different from anyone else’s. You can find all of these upgrade parts and many other Chevy auto parts at

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