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Guest post: A car-lover’s dream at the Silverstone Classic

Silverstone Classic. Picture courtesy of CSMAClub

The 2013 Silverstone Classic advertises itself as ‘Flat Out Fun for all the Family’ and a glance through the programme shows that this is no idle boast. The Classic has been going for over twenty years and is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining of all the motor-based festivals of the year. It has heaps of exotic racing cars competing in twenty races over the weekend of 26-28 of July and also over 7000 fabulous classic cars displayed on the infield. The music is designed to appeal to everyone, with rock and classical music on offer; taking ‘classic’ to the next level, the sixties icon band The Hollies are headlining on Saturday, with all the songs you remember (or remember your Dad telling you about!).

Inspired by the day’s events your Dad will probably also try give you the best advice on cheap motor insurance from Express Insurance but dad’s to tend to know about these things. He will probably also debate the merits of taking either the M1 or M40 to get to the classic – both should do the trick.

Silverstone Classic

If you want to stay over, there many excellent hotels and guesthouses nearby to choose from. Once you arrive at the site, your first problem will be what to see first. The races are spread across the whole weekend and you won’t want to miss a single one, with a thousand amazing cars competing. The Silverstone Classic is the place to be if you love your racing cars – you won’t see more gathered together anywhere in the world!

Even getting around the site is fun, with period buses brought back into service to get you from A to B. When you are not watching a race, why not visit the fun fair, with all the rides you know and love, from roundabouts to swings. There are bars and food outlets all over this area so you are bound to find something delicious and so you don’t miss any of the action, there are big screens to help you keep up with what’s going on without leaving your seat.

Although the site is pretty big, it is ideal for families visiting as they can go off and do their own thing without fear of getting lost. Small children should still be watched vigilantly of course, but older ones can go off and watch the music or go to the fair in safety. If you feel a need for a little retail therapy in between races, there is an amazing shopping area, with all the usual ‘festival’ merchandise but also art, antiques, books, automobilia and models for sale. Apart from the races there are also other live demonstrations of stunt bikes and street cars and if you look up you might also get a surprise, with free fall parachute displays as well as aerobatics from an amazing team of stunt pilots.

If you want some more excitement than you can get at a funfair, why not try the Off Road Zone – for £20, you get two laps as a passenger in a rally car as it goes through its paces. Not for the fainthearted, this is a white knuckle ride like no other and it is a perfect present to treat yourself or a friend – if someone you love has a big birthday coming up, then this is definitely the gift they will never forget. The Silverstone Classic is a weekend that everyone will enjoy and will give you happy memories to treasure.

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