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Three of the best classic cars ever

1958 Austin Healey 100-61958 Austin Healey 100-6

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As you can track on my Historical Data page, cars have become increasingly popular during the twentieth century, especially after World War II when the production and demand for a motorized means of transport have grown. The technologies and designs have developed further and further, however the more modern cars become, the greater the interest in older cars, or “classics”.

While there are many ways to define a “classic” car, either by date of construction or age, there is probably one common aspect they should all have: they should have style. It is possible to rent and buy cars of that value with classic car deals to experience the flair. Here are three of the best classic cars that ever drove on earth.

The Volkswagen Beetle, which was developed and produced in Germany and which first appeared in 1938, is definitely one of the milestones when it comes to classic cars. By now, more than 21 million cars of this type have been sold worldwide. Indeed it has been so successful that it has always been adapted to new car fashion eras and is still in high demand among young and old. Today, one can even buy them as cabriolets. The old Beetle, however, is really a cult, especially when bought in red or yellow.

The Mini has won great fans among young and old as well. It became an icon of the 1960s in Britain and was effectually popularized by Mr. Bean. The Mini was made by the British Motor Corporation and has been redesigned over time. For utilitarian purposes, the Mini had to fit into small measures of width, length and height which brought about its unique shape. It is also because of that box shape that it has become so popular.

A classic which is more extravagant is the British car Austin Healey. The Donald Healey Motor Company produced the car until 1972. It looks like a racing car and as such was also used heavily which helped to promote it in America as well.

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  1. Have always loved and appreciated the classic cars. On the list here, i like the Volkswagen Beetle. Amazing how from 1938 many are still on the roads unlike many other in their time. The Austin Healey is also a very attractive car.

  2. These really are amazing cars! You sure do know what your talking about! Do you happen to have any recommendations regarding a reliable car dealer in Surrey? If so, please help!

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