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Thailand 5 months 2013: Discover the Top 35 best-selling models!

Toyota Vios Thailand May 2013The new generation could help the Toyota Vios regain the #3 spot in Thailand…

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 35 best-selling models & Top 32 All- brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Austin, Eddy and Falconz *

Overall Thailand models data is relatively rare to come across, but today I can share with you May figures. Building on a record year in 2012 (up 81% to reach an unbelievable 1,436,335 registrations), the Thai new car market is up a further 31% so far in 2013 at 634,777 registrations. At this rate, we are looking at a Full Year 2013 with around 1.87 million sales… However this may not materialise because for the first time in 16 months, new car sales are down year-on-year in Thailand in May at -3% to 111,848 units.

Honda City Thailand May 2013… but for now the Honda City ranks #3.

As you know already if you are a regular BSCB reader, the race for the pole position is particularly tight this year, with the Toyota Hilux leading the way after 5 months with 94,542 sales and 14.9% vs. 91,005 and 14.3% for the Isuzu D-Max. The Honda City confirms it is the best-selling passenger car in Thailand by ranking third overall at 44,131 units and 7% vs. 39,814 and 6.3% for the Toyota Vios. May scores are even higher for both models, respectively 9,463 sales and 8.5% and 9,021 and 8.1%. This order may change soon as the new generation Vios was recently unveiled in Thailand.

Nissan Almera Thailand May 2013. Picture courtesy of auto.sanook.comNissan Almera

The Nissan Almera manages to gain one spot compared to its FY 2012 ranking, up to 5th position thanks to 22,061 units and 3.5%, passing the Mitsubishi Triton at 21,310 and 3.4%. Below, a few models frankly improve in 2013: the Mitsubishi Mirage is up to #8, the Honda Civic up from #15 in 2012 to #9, the Honda Jazz up from #12 to #10 and the Suzuki Swift up from outside the Top 20 to #11… Notice also the Honda Amaze at #13 with 13,381 sales and the Honda CR-V at #14 with 12,987 units.

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Full May and 5 months 2013 Top 35 models and Top 10 brands Ranking Tables below.

Thailand May 2013 – models:

1Toyota Hilux17,81015.9%94,54214.9%11
2Isuzu D-Max16,22014.5%91,00514.3%22
3Honda City9,4638.5%44,1317.0%34
4Toyota Vios9,0218.1%39,8146.3%43
5Toyota Corolla3,6353.2%20,5213.2%77
6Suzuki Swift3,2922.9%13,9092.2%11n/a
7Mitsubishi Triton3,2672.9%21,3103.4%65
8Mitsubishi Mirage2,7362.4%20,4773.2%810
9Toyota Fortuner2,5012.2%13,8892.2%129
10Honda Civic2,4422.2%15,7792.5%915
11Mazda BT-502,3582.1%11,7761.9%1613
12Honda Accord2,2322.0%5,8160.9%25n/a
13Honda Amaze2,1711.9%13,3812.1%13n/a
14Chevrolet Colorado2,1251.9%11,6361.8%178
15Ford Ranger2,1171.9%10,6411.7%1920
16Honda Jazz1,9831.8%15,3602.4%1012
18Honda CR-V1,5701.4%12,9872.0%14n/a
19Toyota Yaris1,4461.3%n/an/an/an/a
20Mitsubishi Pajero Sport1,3211.2%8,4951.3%2214
21Nissan Almera1,3091.2%22,0613.5%56
22Chevrolet Sonic1,1621.1%6,6021.0%24n/a
23Toyota Camry1,0821.0%7,6981.2%2319
24Nissan Navara1,0721.0%10,4581.6%20n/a
25Nissan March9530.9%11,0341.7%1811
26Ford Fiesta8970.8%8,8451.4%2118
27Nissan Sylphy7600.7%4,8390.8%26n/a
28Chevrolet Trailblazer5380.5%3,1170.5%27n/a
30Ford Focus4800.4%2,7580.4%29n/a
31Chevrolet Captiva4790.4%2,8120.4%28n/a
32Chevrolet Cruze4070.4%2,4290.4%30n/a
33Honda Brio3410.3%n/an/an/a16
34Tata Xenon2370.2%n/an/an/an/a
35Nissan Teana1680.2%1,2800.2%32n/a

Source:, Toyota Thailand. Many thanks to Falconz for sharing the data!

Thailand 5 months 2013 – models:

1Toyota Hilux94,54214.9%17,81015.9%11
2Isuzu D-Max91,00514.3%16,22014.5%22
3Honda City44,1317.0%9,4638.5%34
4Toyota Vios39,8146.3%9,0218.1%43
5Nissan Almera22,0613.5%1,3091.2%216
6Mitsubishi Triton21,3103.4%3,2672.9%75
7Toyota Corolla20,5213.2%3,6353.2%57
8Mitsubishi Mirage20,4773.2%2,7362.4%810
9Honda Civic15,7792.5%2,4422.2%1015
10Honda Jazz15,3602.4%1,9831.8%1612
11Suzuki Swift13,9092.2%3,2922.9%6n/a
12Toyota Fortuner13,8892.2%2,5012.2%99
13Honda Amaze13,3812.1%2,1711.9%13n/a
14Honda CR-V12,9872.0%1,5701.4%18n/a
16Mazda BT-5011,7761.9%2,3582.1%1113
17Chevrolet Colorado11,6361.8%2,1251.9%148
18Nissan March11,0341.7%9530.9%n/a11
19Ford Ranger10,6411.7%2,1171.9%1520
20Nissan Navara10,4581.6%1,0841.0%n/an/a
Ford Fiesta8,8451.4%n/an/an/a18
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport8,4951.3%1,3211.2%2014
Toyota Camry7,6981.2%1,0821.0%n/a19
Nissan Sylphy4,8390.8%7600.7%n/an/a
Chevrolet Trailblazer3,1170.5%5380.5%n/an/a
Chevrolet Captiva2,8120.4%4790.4%n/an/a
Ford Focus2,7580.4%4800.4%n/an/a
Chevrolet Cruze2,4290.4%n/an/an/an/a
Honda Accordn/an/a2,2322.0%12n/a
Toyota Yarisn/an/a1,4461.3%19n/a

Source:, many thanks to Austin for the tip!

Note: Below #20 this is not a ranking, only a list of models with known sales figures.

Thailand 5 months 2013 – brands:

 –Others3780.1%-20%650.1%-36% –

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Eddy for sharing the data!

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