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South Korea April 2013: Kia Carens & Hyundai Maxcruz up

Hyundai Maxcruz South Korea April 2013Hyundai Maxcruz

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Sales of local models in South Korea are down 1% year-on-year in April to 118,829 units, bringing the year-to-date total to 440,249, down 1% on 2012. Once again the top of the models ranking is reshuffled and it’s the Hyundai Sonata that finishes the month in pole position this time with 8,730 sales and 7.3%. It’s the 4th time in the last 12 months the Sonata ranks #1 and the first time since last October. The Kia Morning, leader in March, is down to #2 at 8,080 units and 6.8% but remains the best-seller overall so far in 2013 with 31,542 sales and 7.2%. The Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra) rounds up the podium at 7,965 units and 6.7% and is still only #5 year-to-date whereas it finished 2012 in the lead.

Kia Carens South Korea April 2013. Picture courtesy of autodiary.krKia Carens

It’s way below in the ranking that things get a little more exciting. The Kia Carens, boosted by the arrival of the new generation of the model, is up 17 spots on last month to land in 21st position with 1,512 sales and 1.3% share, while we find an oddity in 37th place this month: the Hyundai Maxcruz. In South Korea the longer Santa Fe (called Santa Fe XL or Grand Santa Fe elsewhere) has a different name indeed… It sells 586 units in April for a 0.5% market share.

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Full April 2013 Top 50 models Ranking Table below.

South Korea April 2013:

1Hyundai Sonata8,7307.3%330,6507.0%32
2Kia Morning8,0806.8%131,5427.2%13
3Hyundai Avante7,9656.7%229,2506.6%51
4Hyundai Porter7,9446.7%529,8436.8%45
5Hyundai Grandeur7,7256.5%431,0117.0%24
6Hyundai Santa Fe7,4446.3%626,9266.1%67
7Kia K35,0674.3%818,7264.3%818
8Kia K54,9734.2%917,9984.1%106
9Kia Bongo4,8434.1%1118,4834.2%99
10Hyundai Grand Starex4,2663.6%1016,4643.7%1110
11Kia Sportage R3,6163.0%1212,2792.8%1211
12Chevrolet Spark3,6103.0%719,1434.3%78
13Hyundai Tucson ix3,4142.9%1311,4122.6%1312
14Hyundai Accent3,0842.6%159,6172.2%1617
15Kia Carnival R2,7622.3%1610,0902.3%1516
16Samsung SM52,4572.1%1410,1512.3%1415
17Kia Sorento R2,3192.0%198,0371.8%1913
18Kia Ray2,3001.9%188,7572.0%1814
19Kia K72,2851.9%179,5752.2%1721
20SsangYong Korando Sports1,6901.4%216,3931.5%2020
21Kia Carens1,5121.3%382,9430.7%32n/a
22SsangYong Korando C1,4931.3%205,8141.3%2125
23Samsung SM31,4401.2%234,9421.1%2324
24Kia Pride1,1931.0%284,0990.9%2526
25Chevrolet Orlando1,1931.0%263,9350.9%2623
26Hyundai Genesis1,1551.0%254,4601.0%2422
27Hyundai Equus1,1421.0%224,9941.1%2231
28SsangYong Korando Turismo/Rodius1,1170.9%303,1480.7%30n/a
29Chevrolet Cruze1,0760.9%273,7530.9%2719
30Chevrolet Malibu1,0550.9%323,2350.7%2929
31Hyundai i309180.8%293,5020.8%2828
32Chevrolet Trax8120.7%242,7110.6%35 –
33Kia Mohave6940.6%332,8920.7%3334
34Chevrolet Aveo6650.6%342,7240.6%3438
35Hyundai i406340.5%361,7700.4%3930
36Chevrolet Captiva6230.5%351,9820.5%3843
37Hyundai Maxcruz5860.5%448660.2%46 –
38SsangYong Rexton W5530.5%392,0140.5%3739
39Daewoo Damas5350.5%313,0730.7%3132
40Kia K95200.4%372,0500.5%3633
41Hyundai Veloster4000.3%469790.2%4540
42Daewoo Alpheon3630.3%411,4110.3%4035
43Samsung QM53560.3%431,2020.3%4342
44Hyundai Veracruz3520.3%421,3660.3%4137
45Daewoo Labo3220.3%401,2520.3%42n/a
46Samsung SM72820.2%459890.2%4441
47SsangYong Chairman W1660.1%495910.1%48n/a
48Kia Soul1310.1%475810.1%4936
49Kia Forte1250.1%485920.1%4727
50SsangYong Chairman H960.1%504480.1%50n/a
51Hyundai Genesis Coupe560.0%511440.0%51n/a
52Chevrolet Corvette60.0%52130.0%52n/a


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  1. Surprised to see that Ford or Lincoln is not on the list.

    As of this time last year, Ford had 4% of the import market as they were importing the new 2012 Focus, and launching the 2013 Kuga and Fusion+Hybrid, Mustang, Taurus and Explorer. Lincoln is also importing the MKX, MKS and last gen MKZ.

  2. Stephen :Per the original Korean source, this list is only domestic “guknae” vehicles (and yes, this includes GM Korea). Also, the last vehicle on the list reads “Camaro/Corvette”.blockquote>
    So this means that the Corvette is included as being part of the Chevrolet range, not because Korean-built. This makes sense now, I should’ve caught it before.

  3. Per the original Korean source, this list is only domestic “guknae” vehicles (and yes, this includes GM Korea). Also, the last vehicle on the list reads “Camaro/Corvette”.

    As Matt mentioned the Maxcruz is the long-wheelbase version of the Santa Fe which replaced the veracruz. (In the US this is simply called the Santa Fe, while the short-wheelbase version is now called the Santa Fe Sport.)

  4. @R.Raghuvansh
    Well, Chevrolet is actually a foreign manufacturer only by name, because the range is actually Korean-engineered and built.

    I only wonder about the Corvette… is it really built in Korea?

  5. i never know that the Corvette was made locally, & what’s the difference between the Maxcruz & Santa Fe ? , or is the maxcruz longer version of the Santa Fe?

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