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South Korea October 2014: Seoul Photo Report

1. Hyundai Equss Seoul October 2014bHyundai Equus

In between the USA and Paris, I had the privilege to be able to fit two hours worth of driving outside the Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea. These are the 10 best pictures of these two hours, spent primarily in the town of Incheon and in and around Heungryunsa Temple and the Memorial Park for the Incheon Landing Operation. Complete analysis will follow shortly.

2. Kia Opirus Seoul October 2014Kia Opirus

3. Kia Carnival Seoul October 2014 Kia Carnival

4. Hyundai Genesis Seoul October 2014Hyundai Genesis

5. Daewoo Alpheon Seoul October 2014Daewoo Alpheon

6. SsangYong Chairman W Seoul October 2014aSsangYong Chairman W

The Full Photo Report (10 Photos) continues below.

7. Kia Morning K7 Seoul October 2014Kia Morning and K7

8. Hyundai Grandeur Seoul October 2014Hyundai Grandeur

9. Hyundai Porter Seoul October 2014Hyundai Porter

10. Kia Ray Seoul October 2014Kia Ray

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  1. nice report, did you also saw many E-Klasses & 5er ? since it’s clocking 1,000+ units a month in South Korea what really surprised me, even selling more than in some bigger European countries

  2. @Bryan They have also locally developed and assembled Chevrolets, Renault Samsungs, Daewoos (= Buicks) as well as SsangYongs which are much more common than in Europe where they extremely rare. But yeah, much more boring than the majority of the world, but people in South Korea as well as in Japan are even more nationalistic in car buying than others and it probably has something in common with taxes and costs of imports.

  3. Kias and Hyundais everywhere. South Korea might be one of the most boring countries in terms of cars. But that’s good for their economy, maybe in Europe we should start to do the same.

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