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Austria January 2013: Skoda Octavia hits highest ever scores

Skoda Octavia Austria January 2013Skoda Octavia

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New car sales in Austria are up a healthy 3% year-on-year in January to 27,761 registrations, and the Volkswagen Group domination continues in the country: there are 9 VAG models in the Top 9 this month! The VW Golf leads the way with 1,377 sales and 5%, however the Skoda Octavia is catching on, up to 1,332 units and 4.8%, by far its strongest volume and market share in the country ever! The Skoda Fabia is also doing amazingly well, hitting its highest volume and share in almost 5 years with 1,084 sales and 3.9%, only its 11th time above 1,000 monthly units in the last 10 years… The Fabia’s monthly record remains 1,272 units in April 2003.

Skoda Fabia Austria January 2013Skoda Fabia

The VW Polo and Tiguan follow, while the Skoda Yeti reaches its 2nd highest ever ranking in Austria below January 2012 (#5), up to #6 at 572 units and 2.1%, ahead of the Seat Ibiza (+31), VW Sharan (-4) and VW Touran (-4), making the 9 most popular models in Austria this month 100% VAG Group. The best-selling non-VAG model in January is the Hyundai i20 at #10.

Seat Alhambra Austria January 2013Seat Alhambra

Other great performers include the Seat Alhambra up 10 ranks to #12, BMW 3 Series up 9 to #14, Audi Q3 up 11 to #17, Mercedes A-Class up to #21 vs. #75 in FY2012. Further down, notice the Seat Altea up 24 spot to #24, BMW X1 up to #27, Opel Mokka up 30 to #29, Seat Leon up to #30, Skoda Citigo up to #31, Mazda CX-5 up to #32 vs. #71 in FY2012 and Toyota Auris up to #50 vs. #113.

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Full January 2013 Top 100 models and Top 30 brands Ranking Tables below.

Austria January 2013 – brands:

23Land Rover2080.7%23%251,9130.6%26
26Alfa Romeo1350.5%-21%262,3300.7%23

Austria January 2013 – models:

1VW Golf1,3775.0%114,2154.2%1
2Skoda Octavia1,3324.8%77,3852.2%4
3Skoda Fabia1,0843.9%436,6992.0%5
4VW Polo8463.0%29,3022.8%3
5VW Tiguan7052.5%39,3782.8%2
6Skoda Yeti5722.1%n/a3,7091.1%23
7Seat Ibiza5391.9%385,8851.8%6
8VW Sharan5261.9%44,3811.3%14
9VW Touran4671.7%54,2661.3%16
10Hyundai i204341.6%104,4211.3%13
11Opel Astra4061.5%144,9681.5%10
12Seat Alhambra4031.5%222,9640.9%41
13Renault Megane3881.4%303,9561.2%20
14BMW Serie 33831.4%233,3961.0%28
15VW Bus3701.3%113,4911.0%26
16Audi A33671.3%184,2291.3%17
17Audi Q33521.3%283,2581.0%33
18Nissan Qashqai3411.2%294,3811.3%15
19VW Passat3391.2%65,0101.5%9
20Fiat 5003361.2%123,6521.1%25
21Mercedes A Klasse3271.2%n/a1,5270.5%75
22Renault Scenic3251.2%244,4981.3%12
23Hyundai i303211.2%95,8771.7%7
24Seat Altea3121.1%482,4010.7%50
25Renault Clio2971.1%363,6691.1%24
26Fiat Panda2801.0%333,3361.0%30
27BMW X12791.0%n/a2,3490.7%53
28Peugeot 2082721.0%172,7020.8%43
29Opel Mokka2681.0%593950.1%149
30Seat Leon2681.0%n/a2,4500.7%49
31Skoda Citigo2681.0%n/a5630.2%126
32Mazda CX-52641.0%341,5800.5%71
33Audi A42580.9%214,6481.4%11
34BMW Serie 52530.9%n/a2,4910.7%48
35Audi A12510.9%n/a2,3680.7%52
36BMW X32490.9%443,1800.9%35
37Hyundai ix202480.9%372,5560.8%46
38Kia Cee’d2390.9%204,1971.2%18
39Ford Focus2380.9%264,1761.2%19
40Toyota Yaris2330.8%422,5690.8%45
41Mercedes B Klasse2300.8%n/a2,3840.7%51
42Audi Q52260.8%n/a1,6100.5%69
43Hyundai ix352250.8%133,7531.1%21
44Skoda Superb2230.8%n/a2,1640.6%55
45Ford Fiesta2170.8%85,6361.7%8
46Mitsubishi Colt2090.8%n/a1,7090.5%64
47VW Caddy2050.7%163,3001.0%31
48Opel Corsa2030.7%n/a3,3721.0%29
49BMW Serie 11950.7%n/a3,2501.0%34
50Toyota Auris1930.7%n/a7480.2%113
51Ford C-Max1870.7%413,1410.9%38
53Ford B-Max1780.6%504630.1%137
54VW Golf Plus1770.6%353,0160.9%39
55Mercedes C Klasse1770.6%n/a1,9960.6%59
56Dacia Sandero1700.6%n/a1,3440.4%80
57Opel Zafira1630.6%n/a3,7121.1%22
58Toyota Verso1630.6%n/a1,6780.5%66
59Smart Fortwo1560.6%n/a7380.2%114
60Dacia Lodgy1550.6%271,1010.3%94
61Citroen C4 Picasso1540.6%n/a3,1550.9%36
62Ford Kuga1540.6%n/a1,3720.4%78
63Audi A61530.6%472,5510.8%47
64Renault Twingo1530.6%n/a1,5590.5%73
65Skoda Roomster1500.5%n/a1,0750.3%95
66Chevrolet Cruze1450.5%n/a1,3660.4%79
67Dacia Duster1440.5%392,9680.9%40
68Opel Meriva1350.5%n/a3,2851.0%32
69VW Up!1330.5%312,9590.9%42
70Range Rover Evoque1230.4%n/a1,1250.3%92
71Fiat Punto1210.4%n/a2,0930.6%57
72Opel Insignia1200.4%n/a1,8980.6%62
73Mercedes GLK Klasse1170.4%n/a1,0530.3%96
74Volvo V401170.4%n/a3580.1%154
75Kia Rio1140.4%253,1500.9%37
76Citroen C31130.4%n/a1,6250.5%68
77Mercedes ML Klasse1110.4%n/a1,6250.5%117
78Kia Sportage1090.4%322,6290.8%44
79Alfa Romeo Giulietta1070.4%n/a1,6840.5%65
80Fiat Freemont1050.4%n/a1,0430.3%98
81Ford Ka1030.4%n/a1,3420.4%81
82Suzuki Swift910.3%191,9920.6%60
85Mitsubishi Outlander880.3%n/a5680.2%125
86Ford Galaxy850.3%463,4721.0%27
87Peugeot 308850.3%n/a1,8430.5%63
88Hyundai i10850.3%n/a1,2010.4%86
89Volvo XC60760.3%n/a1,1860.4%90
90Mitsubishi ASX740.3%n/a1,1900.4%89
91Honda CR-V700.3%n/a5390.2%128
92Toyota Prius700.3%n/a5540.2%127
93Ford Transit690.2%n/a4570.1%140
94Peugeot 5008680.2%n/a1,1960.4%87
95Mercedes E Klasse640.2%n/a1,2950.4%82
96Suzuki SX4630.2%451,5970.5%70
97Peugeot 3008620.2%401,5590.5%72
98Peugeot 508620.2%n/a1,5440.5%74
99Citroen C3 Picasso620.2%n/a1,1380.3%91
100Chevrolet Aveo600.2%n/a1,2620.4%84


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  1. Jean :useless market, people buy cars of Volkswagen AG… Austrian people feel german ?

    There is a similar phenomenon in the japanese market – people buy japanese cars first of all. 😉

  2. @Jean
    No we don’t, they just build great cars, but i agree with you, french cars should be much more represented on the Austrian market. They should find much more buyers than Hyundai/KIA! Or Opel and Ford…

  3. No we don’t, they just build great cars, but i agree with you, french cars should be much more represented on the Austrian market. They should find much more buyers than Hyundai/KIA! Or Opel and Ford…

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