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Switzerland November 2012: VW Golf back in charge

VW Golf

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 80 best-selling models! Click on title to see *

In November 26,950 new cars found a buyer in Switzerland, bringing the year-to-date total to 299,031 units with only one month to go to finish 2012. After an unprecedented 3 month-break, the VW Golf is back in change in the Swiss models ranking, potentially helped by the arrival of the 7th generation, however it took a weak performance from the Skoda Octavia (at just 3% share vs. 3.5% last month) to crown the Golf that sold 840 units for a bland 3.1% share. Year-to-date, the Golf stays in the lead by far with 10,739 sales and 3.6% vs. 9,571 and 3.2% for the Octavia.

Subaru XV

Excellent month for the Ford Fiesta, up 8 spots on October to #3 at 604 units and 2.2%. It is followed by the VW Polo and Renault Clio, both down one rank to #4 and #5 respectively while the Subaru XV is back up one spot to a world-best #6 with 404 sales and 1.5%. Other great performers in the Swiss Top 20 include the BMW 3 Series up 5 to #7, the Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki SX4 and BMW X3 all up 10 to #8, #10 and #11 respectively, the VW Up! reaching its best ranking so far in Switzerland at #12, the Suzuki Swift up 12 to #13 and the Range Rover Evoque up 13 to #19.

Further down, notice the Mazda CX-5 up 15 ranks to #22, the BMW X1 up 10 to #23, the Fiat Panda up 14 to #25, the Ford B-Max up 31 to #42, the Dacia Lodgy up to #63 and the Volvo V40 up to #67.

Previous month: Switzerland October 2012: Skoda Octavia holds onto pole position!

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Full November 2012 Top 80 Ranking Table below.

Switzerland November 2012:

1VW Golf8403.1%210,7393.6%11
2Skoda Octavia8193.0%19,5713.2%22
3Ford Fiesta6042.2%114,0091.3%77
4VW Polo5732.1%35,2291.7%33
5Renault Clio4311.6%43,8441.3%108
6Subaru XV4041.5%73,6501.2%14 –
7BMW 3 Series4031.5%123,1781.1%2121
8Nissan Qashqai3991.5%183,4011.1%1726
9VW Tiguan3981.5%54,9321.6%418
10Suzuki SX43891.4%202,5540.9%3136
11BMW X33801.4%213,3311.1%1833
12VW Up!3801.4%162,0200.7%48 –
13Suzuki Swift3761.4%252,9871.0%2320
14VW Passat3701.4%154,2431.4%55
15Renault Megane3591.3%193,3291.1%1911
16Skoda Fabia3571.3%133,5291.2%1512
17Audi A43541.3%63,8361.3%119
18Ford Focus3511.3%103,6761.2%1315
19Range Rover Evoque3371.3%322,2480.8%39165
20Toyota Yaris3341.2%93,7581.3%1228
21Ford Kuga3231.2%83,5141.2%1613
22Mazda CX-53201.2%371,6100.5%65 –
23BMW X13091.1%332,3730.8%3829
24BMW 1 Series2981.1%232,9601.0%2424
25Fiat Panda2961.1%392,1610.7%4152
26Audi Q32921.1%172,7180.9%27184
27BMW 5 Series2831.1%282,7830.9%2625
28VW Touran2821.0%243,8771.3%910
29Mercedes C Class2681.0%264,1471.4%622
31Fiat 5002440.9%222,5090.8%3332
32Audi Q52400.9%412,0750.7%4641
33Opel Astra2320.9%143,9551.3%84
34Hyundai i302210.8%352,5700.9%3039
35Audi A32180.8%343,2971.1%2014
36Opel Corsa2150.8%383,0381.0%2223
37Hyundai i202140.8%302,4120.8%3554
38Peugeot 2082080.8%311,7740.6%58 –
39Volvo XC602060.8%422,6020.9%2931
40Renault Scenic2060.8%362,5300.8%3227
41Fiat Punto2040.8%632,1180.7%4330
42Ford B-Max1990.7%733320.1%187 –
43Seat Alhambra1950.7%612,0760.7%4584
44Audi A11940.7%272,3860.8%3748
46Opel Meriva1920.7%531,6210.5%6435
47Honda CR-V1900.7%721,0480.4%91101
48Audi A61890.7%462,4110.8%3666
49VW Sharan1850.7%n/a1,9400.6%5257
50Skoda Yeti1810.7%441,9750.7%5058
51VW Transporter1750.6%641,9790.7%4967
52Audi A51700.6%472,1200.7%4244
53Opel Zafira1670.6%552,4340.8%3470
54Hyundai ix351650.6%662,0270.7%4765
55Seat Leon1640.6%n/a1,5890.5%67n/a
56Seat Ibiza1610.6%502,6970.9%2816
57Nissan Juke1600.6%741,7220.6%6238
58Smart Fortwo1580.6%431,7270.6%6149
59Honda Jazz1510.6%542,2400.7%4019
60Citroen C31440.5%681,7890.6%5645
61Mercedes B Class1440.5%481,7470.6%5976
62Mercedes A Class1440.5%n/a1,7300.6%6061
63Dacia Lodgy1380.5%n/a5860.2%133 –
64Dacia Duster1360.5%511,9160.6%5438
65Toyota Prius1360.5%n/a9010.3%106113
66Mini Countryman1350.5%451,2170.4%8298
67Volvo V401290.5%n/a5670.2%134 –
68Peugeot 3081280.5%401,9350.6%5340
69Mercedes GLK Class1280.5%521,2650.4%7786
70Mitsubishi Colt1250.5%601,6010.5%6671
71Mercedes ML Class1180.4%491,4910.5%69133
72Fiat Freemont1160.4%n/a1,0240.3%92213
73Ford Ka1140.4%n/a1,2690.4%7682
74Renault Twingo1130.4%621,3960.5%7254
75Citroen C11130.4%701,2460.4%7973
76Ford C-Max1120.4%n/a1,4570.5%7050
77Mercedes E Class1090.4%561,9680.7%5146
78Dacia Sandero1080.4%581,8110.6%5543
79Alfa Romeo Giulietta1030.4%591,7860.6%5735
80Volvo V601030.4%671,4250.5%7153


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  1. How on earth is the Suzuki xv so popular in Switzerland? It’s a complete non-entity elsewhere, hampered by a nondescript styling and a weak brand image. Wonder what it is about the car the Swiss find so appealing…

  2. The 207 was a big seller on the British market (constantly in the top 10), the 208 even though it is highly rated by the motoring press here (Auto Express rated it as the best supermini, even beating the excellent Fiesta), like Switzerland it is rare on British roads, in fact I have only seen three, this is strange because Peugeot sold 94,729 cars on the British market in the first eleven months of the year, which means they have a 4.93% market share, in Germany (a much bigger market) they sold 67,401 with a market share of 2.34%. It will be interesting to see what happens next year, if sales don’t improve they could have a difficult time, look what has happened to Renault, they now have less than 2% of the market, compared to nearly 8% ten or so years ago. Happy Christmas everybody.

  3. I can confirm that the 208 is quite rare on Swiss roads, even in the french-speaking part, which traditionally buys more French cars than the German-speaking part. Strange, because 207 was a good seller

  4. No Peugeot’s in top 30, not even the fantastic 208.

    Switzerland and France are neighbours,
    Conservative Peugeot originates from the Elzas, even closer to the conservative Swiss.


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