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Switzerland 2012-2013: Listen to my interview on World Radio

Will the Renault Captur be as successful in Switzerland in 2013 as the Subaru XV was in 2012?

* Listen to my interview here *

* See my previous interviews on World Radio Switzerland by clicking on the title! *

Last week I had the honour of being interviewed by Alex Helmick from World Radio Switzerland once again about the eventful year the Swiss new car market went through in 2012. Resisting the surrounding gloom to even gain ground over 2011, Swiss new car sales went through a massive earthquake in August when the Subaru XV took the lead of the models ranking for the first time, relegating the VW Golf at #3.

But wait there was more: the Skoda Octavia took the relay in both September and October, meaning the Golf was away from the top spot for 3 consecutive months, something that may not have happened in 20 years… What were the other big surprises of 2012? What’s in store for the Swiss market in 2013? Will the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 be as successful as the Subaru XV in the country? All is revealed in my World Radio Switzerland interview 🙂

You can also listen to my commentary on the Subaru XV taking the lead of the Swiss models ranking in August here, and my view on the Skoda Octavia ranking #1 in Switzerland in September here.

Listen to my previous 2 interviews below.

You can listen to the September interview here and listen to the the October one here.

Many thanks to Alex Helmick for the opportunity!

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