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Australia November 2012: Now with Top 25 brands ranking

Mazda could sell more cars in Australia than in Japan in 2013!

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The Australian new car market is evolving at record heights in 2012, passing the million units mark after just 11 months for the first time in history, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on the most poplar car brands in the country. As it has been the case for the last 10 years, Toyota is by far the favourite with nearly double the sales of the #2 at 19,312 units and 19.6% in November (+11%) and 197,007 and 19.4% year-to-date (+19%). Holden is #2 with 10,354 sales and 10.5%, up 6% but down 9% year-to-date at 105,938 units and 10.4%.

Hyundai could aim at a podium spot in Australia in 2013…

Mazda takes the third spot both in November with 8,732 sales and 8.9% and year-to-date at 94,332 units and 9.3%, up a brilliant 16% on 2011. Note last September Mazda was the first ever full-line importer to sell upwards of 10,000 monthly units in Australia. For comparison, Mazda sold 10,632 cars for a 4.4% market share at home in Japan in November! In the year-to-date ranking, Hyundai is up 5% to #4 while Ford is down 2% to #5.

Jeep sales are up a huge 114% in Australia so far in 2012…

Other great performers in November include Nissan up 20% to #6, Volkswagen up 14% to #8, Honda up 79% to #9, Subaru up 34% to #10, Jeep up 72% to #14 and Renault up 41% to #21. Year-to-date, it’s virtually the same culprits: Nissan is up 17%, Volkswagen up 22%, Honda up 15%, Subaru up 17%, Kia up 25%, Jeep up 114%, Great Wall up 28%, Land Rover up 36% and Renault up 38%. The Jeep progression is particularly interesting as hailed by Fiat Chrysler Australia’s head of corporate affairs Lenore Fletcher as the result of a switch from retail-led to brand advertising – with a focus on the emotion and heritage behind the brand. The ‘Don’t hold back’ campaign (see video above) does not feature any Jeep vehicle but focuses on the brand’s ‘spirit’ instead…

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Full November 2012 Top 25 brands Ranking table below.

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