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Australia 1997: Commodore & Falcon down, Kia lands

Holden Commodore

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Record year for the Australian new car market, up 11% on 1996 to 722,642 registrations, for the first time above 700,000 and beating the 695,856 units delivered in 1985. Both in a transition year with a new model released, the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon drop quite significantly: -7% to 76,849 sales and 10.6% share for the Commodore and -8% to 71,850 units and 9.9% for the Falcon, its first time below 10% since 1991.

Ford Falcon

The Mitsubishi Magna/Verada reclaims the third spot for the 5th time in the last 7 years and the first since 1994 with a record 41,008 sales and 5.7% share, up a massive 27% year-on-year. The Hyundai Excel gains ground again but slower than the market at +9% to 38,489 units, resulting in a 4th place and 5.3% share. We’ll come back to the Koreans shortly.

Other great performers in 1997 include the Nissan Pulsar up 81% to #9, the Toyota Starlet up 298% to #12, the Mitsubishi Mirage up 231% to #17, the Mitsubishi Triton up 42% to #24, the Toyota Prado up 147% to #26, the Subaru Impreza up 60% to #30, the Land Rover Discovery up 19% to #35 and the Holden Astra up 220% to #36.

Kia Mentor

Back to the Koreans, which keep progressing year after year in Australia. On top of the Hyundai Excel at #4, the Hyundai Lantra cuts its ranking in two compared to last year to #11 with 11,674 sales, the Daewoo Cielo/Lanos is up 1% but down 6 spots to #16, the Hyundai Sonata is up 43% to #22 and we welcome a new brand in the Top 50: Kia, placing both the Mentor at #44 and the Sportage at #50…

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Next year: Australia 1998: Commodore breaks volume record, Hyundai Excel #1 in June!

Full Year 1997 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Australia 1997:

1Holden Commodore76,84910.6%-7%83,00112.8%1
2Ford Falcon71,8509.9%-8%77,83512.0%2
3Mitsubishi Magna /Verada41,0085.7%27%32,3875.0%4
4Hyundai Excel38,4895.3%9%35,3085.4%3
5Toyota Camry/Vienta30,8904.3%-3%31,7774.9%5
6Toyota Corolla22,3193.1%-4%23,2123.6%6
7Toyota Hilux16,7012.3%-4%17,3542.7%7
8Ford Festiva15,2982.1%1%15,1702.3%8
9Nissan Pulsar14,1142.0%81%7,8141.2%18
10Mitsubishi Lancer12,2281.7%27%9,6371.5%11
11Hyundai Lantra11,6741.6%67%7,0061.1%22
12Toyota Starlet11,4861.6%298%2,8860.4%46
13Holden Rodeo11,2911.6%23%9,1501.4%13
14Toyota Land Cruiser11,0051.5%-8%11,9111.8%9
15Mazda 32310,6771.5%30%8,2421.3%16
16Daewoo Cielo/Lanos10,5381.5%1%10,4051.6%10
17Mitsubishi Mirage9,4411.3%231%2,8520.4%47
18Mazda 1218,7581.2%15%7,6361.2%19
19Ford Laser8,5851.2%20%7,1561.1%21
20Holden Ute8,2831.1%-9%9,1421.4%14
21Honda Civic8,0341.1%-3%8,2721.3%15
22Hyundai Sonata7,3901.0%43%5,1760.8%26
23Ford Ute7,3111.0%-10%8,0941.2%17
24Mitsubishi Triton6,6280.9%42%4,6680.7%34
25Holden Barina6,5990.9%-29%9,3531.4%12
26Toyota Prado6,5750.9%147%2,6640.4%50
27Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up6,3980.9%-2%6,5261.0%23
28Subaru Liberty/Outback6,3600.9%31%4,8430.7%31
29Mitsubishi Pajero6,1170.8%18%5,1950.8%25
30Subaru Impreza5,7800.8%60%3,6070.6%41
31BMW 3 Series5,5960.8%-9%6,1270.9%24
32Toyota Hiace5,4620.8%-25%7,3031.1%20
33Toyota RAV45,3610.7%12%4,7680.7%32
34Ford Courier5,2750.7%8%4,8890.8%30
35Land Rover Discovery4,6580.6%19%3,9170.6%38
36Holden Astra4,5280.6%220%1,4170.2%n/a
37Ford Fairlane/LTD4,5190.6%-4%4,7130.7%33
38Holden Statesman/Caprice4,3870.6%-13%5,0160.8%28
39Nissan Patrol4,3860.6%16%3,7740.6%39
40Nissan Navara4,1500.6%33%3,1150.5%44
41Ford Mondeo4,1140.6%-9%4,5340.7%35
42Mazda B-Series3,9640.5%-2%4,0630.6%37
43Mazda 6263,8650.5%49%2,5870.4%51
44Kia Mentor3,8460.5%new00.0% –
45Ford Explorer3,8230.5%532%6050.1%n/a
46Jeep Cherokee3,5200.5%-18%4,3190.7%36
47Honda Accord3,4820.5%-31%5,0290.8%27
48Daihatsu Charade3,3100.5%-34%4,9950.8%29
49Suzuki Swift3,2460.4%-14%3,7630.6%40
50Kia Sportage3,1160.4%new00.0% –

Source: VFACTS, many thanks to David for sharing the data!

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