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Romania September 2012: VW Up! and Dacia Lodgy in Top 20

In November, Romania will be the first country in the world to get the 2013 Dacia Logan.

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It’s still not looking good in Romania this month, with new car sales down 31% year-on-year in September to 4,736 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 49,128 units, down 12% on 2011. The Dacia Logan leads the way for the 97th consecutive month with a so-so 15.9% market share and 752 sales, figures that should get a boost when the second generation of the model goes on sale locally in November. Both the Skoda Octavia (5.6%) and Dacia Duster (3.9%) lodge shares below their 2012 year-to-date level.

Dacia Lodgy. Picture by L’Argus, all rights reserved.

The Renault Symbol is up 4 spots on August to land at #4 with 181 units and 3.8%, it is followed by the Ford Focus up 2 to #5 and now #4 year-to-date at 3% share and the Ford Fiesta stable at #6. Solid month for the Toyota Yaris up 5 ranks to #12 and the Hyundai i20 up 7 to #13. The VW Up! and Dacia Lodgy both break into the Romanian Top 20 for the very first time, respectively at #14 with 65 sales and 1.4% (+12) and #20 with 54 units and 1.1% (+34).

VW Up!

Further down, notice also the Peugeot 208 breaking into the Top 30 for the first time, up 21 spots to #24 at 46 sales and 1%, the BMW X5 up 5 to #29, the Nissan Micra up a massive 50 ranks to #30 with 37 units and 0.8% and the Mercedes GLK up 30 spots to #40 at 31 sales and 0.7%.

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Full September 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Romania September 2012:

1Dacia Logan75215.9%18,25916.8%11
2Skoda Octavia2645.6%23,1136.3%22
3Dacia Duster1843.9%32,6795.5%33
4Renault Symbol1813.8%81,2842.6%64
5Ford Focus1483.1%71,4773.0%47
6Ford Fiesta1392.9%61,1962.4%715
7Opel Astra1132.4%99872.0%106
8VW Golf1072.3%41,4442.9%55
9VW Jetta1042.2%51,0542.1%916
10Skoda Fabia911.9%121,0552.1%811
11Chevrolet Aveo801.7%117681.6%1310
12Toyota Yaris731.5%173970.8%2417
13Hyundai i20681.4%204841.0%2024
14VW Up!651.4%262730.6%39 –
15VW Passat631.3%109461.9%119
16Dacia Sandero591.2%197891.6%128
17Suzuki SX4581.2%137081.4%1429
18Renault Megane581.2%166211.3%1718
19VW Polo541.1%185561.1%1813
20Dacia Lodgy541.1%541470.3%65 –
21Hyundai i30531.1%153870.8%2620
22Opel Corsa521.1%304210.9%2212
23Renault Fluence461.0%236271.3%1614
24Peugeot 208461.0%451370.3%70 –
25Hyundai Elantra440.9%223950.8%25n/a
26Hyundai ix35420.9%215221.1%1925
27VW Tiguan390.8%146351.3%1526
28Ford Mondeo380.8%283710.8%2842
29BMW X5370.8%342750.6%38n/a
30Nissan Micra370.8%80920.2%n/an/a
31Skoda Superb360.8%244400.9%2128
32Chevrolet Cruze350.7%313360.7%3122
33Peugeot 308340.7%852350.5%4840
34VW Caddy340.7%861750.4%59n/a
35Mitsubishi ASX330.7%352030.4%53n/a
36BMW X3330.7%472650.5%4165
37Toyota Auris330.7%512880.6%3632
38Nissan Qashqai310.7%293720.8%2723
39Seat Leon310.7%491730.4%60n/a
40Mercedes GLK Class310.7%702220.5%50n/a
41Ford Kuga300.6%872870.6%3745
42Seat Ibiza270.6%552020.4%5427
43Fiat Linea260.5%521900.4%55n/a
44VW Touareg240.5%333100.6%3235
45Audi A6240.5%621850.4%57n/a
46Mercedes ML Class230.5%373430.7%3051
47Toyota Avensis230.5%462950.6%3552
48Suzuki Swift230.5%712380.5%4648
49Peugeot 508220.5%482500.5%44n/a
50BMW X1220.5%562340.5%4947
51Mercedes C Class220.5%572040.4%52n/a
52Kia Cee’d220.5%881240.3%73n/a


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