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  1. david
    November 25, 2011

    Its really good to see that the new X6 is one among the best selling models in the present market, and particularly for Bimmer, it looks like it is the best selling model at present.

  2. BogdyBBA
    October 17, 2011

    Car sales say a lot about the people of a country. Don’t go imagining that the (as you say, quite many) Romanian people that buy mammoths like the BMW X6 are honest, hard-working people. They’re either crooks or spoiled brats of rich people. They have no respect for the law, other drivers, and often, have no sense of reality (they commit lots of accidents, killing innocent persons). That’s why I hate BMW and other big powerful car owners. And I’m sorry it’s like that, because the cars themselves are brilliant.


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