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Romania August 2012: Skoda Octavia and VW Jetta shine

VW Jetta

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The Romanian new car market is falling further into recession each month, down a worrying 42% year-on-year in August to 5,044 registrations and bringing the year-to-date total to 44,392 units, down 9% on 2011. The historical 100 consecutive months atop the Romanian models ranking are approaching fast for the Dacia Logan: August is #96 thanks to 704 sales at a lukewarm 14% market share. Year-to-date it is at 16.9% compared to 21.3% over the Full Year 2011. The Skoda Octavia has an outstanding month at 418 units and 8.3%, its highest share since the 8.8% it reached in March 2011.

Skoda Octavia

The Dacia Duster stays third both in August at 4.7% and year-to-date at 5.6%, while the VW Golf is up 2 spots on July to land at #4 like in the year-to-date ranking, but with 4% share this month it is one full percentage point above its 2012 level. With the Octavia, the VW Jetta is the other great performer of the month in Romania, up 9 ranks to a best-ever 5th place with 161 sales and 3.2% share and now #9 year-to-date vs. #16 in 2011. Below, the Ford Fiesta is up 3 spots to #6, the Ford Focus down one to #7 and the Renault Symbol down 4 to #8.

Great Wall Peri

Further down, the Hyundai i30 is up 7 ranks to #15, the Toyota Yaris up 8 to #17 and the VW Up! and BMW 3 Series both strong at #26 and #35 respectively. Notice also the Dacia Lodgy already slipping out of the Top 50, down 13 spots to #59 for its third month and the Great Wall Peri selling one unit (its 2nd in 2012), the only Chinese car in the Romanian ranking this month and one of 3 over the first 8 months of 2012 with the Great Wall Hover (1) and Geely CK (1). Clearly the Chinese invasion in Romania is still a (very) long way away!

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Full August 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Romania August 2012:

1Dacia Logan70414.0%17,50716.9%11
2Skoda Octavia4188.3%22,8496.4%22
3Dacia Duster2374.7%32,4955.6%33
4VW Golf2024.0%61,3373.0%45
5VW Jetta1613.2%139502.1%916
6Ford Fiesta1392.8%91,0572.4%715
7Ford Focus1332.6%51,3293.0%57
8Renault Symbol1182.3%41,1032.5%64
9Opel Astra1152.3%78742.0%116
10VW Passat1122.2%88832.0%109
11Chevrolet Aveo861.7%146881.5%1310
12Skoda Fabia821.6%109642.2%811
13Suzuki SX4821.6%266501.5%1429
14VW Tiguan791.6%185961.3%1526
15Hyundai i30661.3%223340.8%2620
16Renault Megane571.1%165631.3%1718
17Toyota Yaris561.1%253240.7%2917
18VW Polo551.1%115021.1%1813
19Dacia Sandero541.1%127301.6%128
20Hyundai i20511.0%274160.9%2024
21Hyundai ix35460.9%214801.1%1925
22Hyundai Elantra460.9%203510.8%24n/a
23Renault Fluence420.8%155811.3%1614
24Skoda Superb410.8%234040.9%2128
25Nissan Juke410.8%332850.6%3431
26VW Up!410.8%242080.5%48 –
27Kia Sportage400.8%412900.7%3253
28Ford Mondeo370.7%323330.8%2742
29Nissan Qashqai360.7%293410.8%2523
30Opel Corsa350.7%193690.8%2312
31Chevrolet Cruze350.7%363010.7%3122
32Opel Insignia340.7%303320.7%2821
33VW Touareg340.7%372860.6%3335
34BMW X5330.7%392380.5%40n/a
35Mitsubishi ASX300.6%n/a1700.4%54n/a
36BMW 3 Series290.6%351600.4%58n/a
37Mercedes ML Class280.6%283200.7%3051
38BMW 5 Series280.6%n/a2300.5%4373
39Audi A4280.6%342190.5%4544
40Chevrolet Spark280.6%491360.3%6330
41Range Rover Evoque270.5%312490.6%38n/a
42Audi Q5270.5%381980.4%50n/a
43Honda Civic270.5%581470.3%60n/a
44Toyota RAV4260.5%591670.4%55n/a
45Peugeot 208260.5%48910.2%n/a –
46Toyota Avensis250.5%442720.6%3552
47BMW X3250.5%452320.5%4265
48Peugeot 508230.5%502280.5%44n/a
49Seat Leon230.5%n/a1420.3%61n/a
50Kia Rio230.5%n/a930.2%n/an/a


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  1. that small gw peri is already out of production in china, so maybe it’s just a single import, new models from gwm will be delivered to romania from gwm bulgarian factory

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