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Greece September 2012: Opel Corsa leads, VW Up! in Top 10

Opel Corsa

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I wish I could finally give you good news about the Greek new car market, but unfortunately it is still not the case in September, with sales down 42% year-on-year to 3,463 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 45,530, down 43% on 2011 which was already down 35% on 2010… This month the Opel Corsa reclaims the pole position it already holds in the year-to-date ranking, selling 241 units for a 7% market share compared to 2,992 and 6.1% ytd. It is the 6th time in the last 12 month the Corsa ranks #1 in Greece and the first time since last March.

VW Up!

The Toyota Yaris, leader in August, is down to #2 with 187 sales and 5.4%, followed by the VW Polo at 3.9%, the Ford Fiesta at 3.5% and the Toyota Auris, improving on an already great month of August to #5 at 113 units and 3.3% vs. #12 year-to-date. 3 other models impress in the Top 10 this month: the VW Up! is up 12 spots to a record #6 with 103 sales and 6%, the Hyundai i20 is up 8 to #7 and 2.6% and the Peugeot 208 breaks into the Greek Top 10 for the first time, up 2 ranks to #9 at 86 units and 2.5%.

Other good performers this month in Greece include the Kia Rio us 21 spots to #11, the Ford Focus up 10 to #13, the BMW 1 Series up 21 to #21, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta up 28 to #22, the Mercedes B-Class up 46 to #24, the Mitsubishi Lancer up to #27, the Hyundai i30 up 13 to #31, the Skoda Citigo breaking into the Top 50 for the first time, up 20 ranks to #34 and the Citroen DS3 up 14 to #43.

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Full September 2012 Top 70 Ranking Table below.

Greece September 2012:

1Opel Corsa2417.0%22,9926.6%11
2Toyota Yaris1875.4%12,4995.5%22
3VW Polo1343.9%31,6713.7%53
4Ford Fiesta1223.5%61,5363.4%64
5Toyota Auris1133.3%88641.9%126
6VW Up!1033.0%185891.3%22 –
7Hyundai i20892.6%159392.1%814
8Opel Astra872.5%41,7373.8%45
9Peugeot 208862.5%114120.9%34 –
10Citroen C3842.4%51,8134.0%322
11Kia Rio752.2%324971.1%26n/a
12Nissan Micra692.0%131,0392.3%78
13Ford Focus671.9%234901.1%2718
14Skoda Octavia651.9%98541.9%1312
15Toyota Aygo651.9%75871.3%239
16Nissan Qashqai631.8%208181.8%1424
17Suzuki Swift621.8%128661.9%1117
18Citroen C4601.7%106611.5%1952
19Fiat Panda551.6%179232.0%107
20Skoda Fabia531.5%167191.6%1716
21BMW 1-Series531.5%424551.0%3039
22Alfa Romeo Giulietta501.4%504581.0%2932
23Fiat Grande Punto491.4%266361.4%2020
24Mercedes B-Class471.4%702190.5%5893
25Hyundai i10461.3%199392.1%911
26Audi A3421.2%403840.8%3636
27Mitsubishi Lancer401.2%n/a940.2%n/a87
28Chevrolet Spark391.1%383590.8%4319
29Lancia Ypsilon381.1%295981.3%21100
30Nissan Juke371.1%363800.8%3734
31Hyundai i30371.1%441910.4%6735
32Opel Insignia331.0%344170.9%3325
33Mercedes C-Class331.0%592580.6%4944
34Skoda Citigo331.0%54680.1%n/a –
35Suzuki Alto310.9%354721.0%2855
36Citroen C1310.9%454391.0%3230
37Kia Picanto290.8%653780.8%3938
38Smart Fortwo290.8%493750.8%4015
39Mitsubishi ASX290.8%253010.7%4533
40Seat Ibiza280.8%227341.6%1613
41Peugeot 107280.8%247051.5%1821
42Audi Q3280.8%333790.8%38n/a
43Citroen DS3280.8%57870.2%n/a76
44Audi A1270.8%273450.8%4443
45Fiat new Panda250.7%482490.5%51 –
46Mercedes A-Class250.7% –2430.5%5337
47VW Golf230.7%147851.7%1510
48Honda Civic230.7%411930.4%6565
49Volvo S60220.6%583630.8%4254
50Renault Clio210.6%284070.9%3540
51Kia Ceed200.6%301940.4%6331
52Honda Jazz180.5%432980.7%4645
53Seat Leon180.5%372350.5%5529
54VW Passat170.5%394461.0%3127
55Skoda Roomster170.5%n/a1600.4%7266
56Fiat 500150.4%215221.1%2423
57Audi A4150.4%n/a1970.4%6058
58Ford Ka150.4%671940.4%6449
59VW Tiguan140.4%555071.1%2528
60Skoda Yeti140.4%312790.6%4842
61BMW 3-Series140.4%462040.4%5953
62Chevrolet Aveo130.4%532530.6%50n/a
63Toyota Avensis120.3%611740.4%6941
64Alfa Romeo Mi.To110.3%622240.5%5646
65Suzuki Splash110.3%471960.4%6171
66Mercedes E-Class110.3%n/a710.2%n/a77
68Fiat Doblo100.3%n/a840.2%n/a95


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  1. Ok Bill, Clio was an example, same thing can be for other models like, for example, Audi A3 and new A3, or Bmw 1er old and new and others models,

    Certainly isn’t for your fault this different type of treatment but from who give us official numbers from Greece. 😉

  2. @Marc

    SEAA registers Panda + New Panda separately and that’s the right thing to do in my opinion.
    As for Renault Clio, all September sales refers to Clio 3. New model (Clio 4) isn’t out on sale yet in Greece.

  3. If nr. of Renault Clio contains new and old models,
    I think same treatment must be used for Fiat Panda,
    so Total of PANDA II + New PANDA is 80 and model is on 11th position, not 19

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