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Greece January 2013: Toyota Yaris and Hyundai i30 shine

Hyundai i30 Greece January 2013Hyundai i30

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When we thought it couldn’t get worse for the new car market in Greece, well it does: at 5,529 units in January sales are down 35% on January 2012, which was down 13% on January 2011, itself down 63% on January 2010… At this rate, the market could fall below 40,000 annual units in 2013 for the first time since 1980 and only the third time in the last 40 years… For the 5th time in the last 12 months, the Toyota Yaris dominates the models ranking with an excellent 468 sales and 8.5% share, well above its FY2012 level of 5.8%. 2012’s leader the Opel Corsa is also in great shape at 398 units and 7.2% at #2 while the Opel Astra rounds up the podium at 5.8% and the Citroen C3 shines once again at #4 and 5.4%.

Audi A5 Greece January 2013Audi A5

Hyundai manages to place two models inside the Greek Top 10 this month: the i20 is up 3 spots on December to #6 with 145 sales and 2.6% and the i30 is up a massive 16 ranks to #9 at 130 units and 2.4% vs. #53 in FY2012. Notice also the Skoda Citigo up 19 to #27, the Citroen DS3 up to #35 vs. #83 in 2012, the Daihatsu Charade (aka previous gen Toyota Yaris) up to #43, the Opel Mokka at #57, Audi A5 at #67, Fiat 500L at #70 and Skoda Rapid just outside the Top 80 with 9 units sold.

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Full January 2013 Top 80 models Ranking Table below.

Greece January 2013:

1Toyota Yaris4688.5%53,3905.8%2
2Opel Corsa3987.2%13,9576.8%1
3Opel Astra3225.8%62,2133.8%5
4Citroen C32995.4%42,4904.3%3
5VW Polo2103.8%22,3524.0%4
6Hyundai i201452.6%91,1792.0%9
7Fiat Panda1432.6%301,4812.5%7
8Skoda Fabia1332.4%269251.6%17
9Hyundai i301302.4%253210.5%53
10Nissan Qashqai1252.3%101,0781.8%11
11Suzuki Swift1212.2%321,0741.8%12
12Citroen C41192.2%229341.6%16
13VW Up!1112.0%118961.5%18
14Ford Fiesta991.8%191,7743.0%6
15VW Golf921.7%121,0071.7%15
16Toyota Aygo891.6%217451.3%23
17Fiat 500851.5%287141.2%25
18Skoda Octavia821.5%201,1572.0%10
19Fiat Grande Punto791.4%238221.4%22
20Toyota Auris771.4%481,0071.7%14
21Ford Focus751.4%166751.2%26
22Lancia Ypsilon721.3%247321.3%24
23Volvo V40711.3%72220.4%68
24Nissan Juke681.2%494940.8%36
25Peugeot 208661.2%38371.4%21
26Nissan Micra641.2%311,2692.2%8
27Skoda Citigo601.1%461600.3%74
28Renault Clio581.0%355220.9%35
29Seat Ibiza581.0%278641.5%19
30Skoda Yeti531.0%n/a3520.6%48
31Hyundai i10510.9%n/a1,0081.7%13
32Alfa Romeo Giulietta480.9%445550.9%31
33Mitsubishi ASX470.9%n/a3570.6%47
34Audi A3460.8%n/a4570.8%40
35Citroen DS3440.8%n/a1240.2%83
36VW Passat430.8%145621.0%30
37Audi Q3420.8%n/a4470.8%42
38Suzuki Alto420.8%n/a5340.9%33
39Honda Jazz400.7%n/a3380.6%50
40VW Tiguan400.7%346301.1%28
41Mercedes A-Class360.7%84170.7%43
42Audi A1350.6%414560.8%41
43Daihatsu Charade300.5%n/a210.0%n/a
44Opel Insignia300.5%295360.9%32
45Kia Cee’d290.5%n/a2250.4%67
46Renault Megane290.5%432420.4%61
47Chevrolet Spark270.5%n/a4100.7%44
48Kia Picanto270.5%424580.8%39
49Suzuki Splash270.5%n/a2300.4%63
50Honda Civic260.5%n/a2560.4%59
51Mercedes B-Class260.5%333310.6%51
52Kia Rio240.4%406441.1%27
53Volvo S60230.4%364720.8%38
54BMW 1-Series220.4%156131.0%29
55BMW 3-Series220.4%132990.5%56
56Mercedes C-Class220.4%373250.6%52
57Opel Mokka220.4%n/a170.0%n/a
58Skoda Roomster220.4%n/a2000.3%71
59Peugeot 107210.4%n/a8381.4%20
61Alfa Romeo Mi.To190.3%n/a2990.5%55
62Audi A4190.3%n/a2310.4%62
63Chevrolet Aveo190.3%503140.5%54
64Volvo V60190.3%n/a1570.3%75
65Dacia Duster180.3%n/a2910.5%58
66Seat Mii180.3%47290.0%n/a
67Audi A5170.3%n/a540.1%n/a
68Nissan Pixo170.3%n/a1430.2%77
69Volvo XC60160.3%n/a1320.2%80
70Fiat 500L150.3%n/a290.0%n/a
71Opel Zafira150.3%n/a350.1%n/a
72Toyota Verso-S140.3%n/a420.1%n/a
73BMW X1130.2%382250.4%65
74Toyota Avensis130.2%n/a2040.3%70
75Citroen C1120.2%n/a4800.8%37
76Opel Meriva120.2%n/a2260.4%64
77Ford Ka110.2%n/a2230.4%66
78Ford C-Max100.2%n/a1240.2%85
79Peugeot 508100.2%n/a1090.2%92
80Toyota iQ100.2%n/a1650.3%73


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  1. Just for the record, SEAA (the official importers organisation in Greece) gives Pandas’ sales separately from New Pandas’ sales. So, VW Up! is the best selling model in its class with 111 sales for January, according to the official ranking. It’s another matter if SEAA do the right thing by giving sales stats this way, of course. 🙂

  2. hehe, I see you are a VW-fan 😉 but you must admit that VW design had never won anything 😉 this was the reason why VW took Giugiaro…. VW cars are only overrated 😉

  3. good to see the VW up! is above the fiat 500. The Fiat 500 is so ugly like a ballooned, blown egg on 4 wheels !! unbelievable ugly…typical Fiat ! 🙂

  4. good to see that Fiat Panda is in front of VW up !! It could be better if Fiat 500 would be too. VW up is so ugly, a microwave with 4 wheels !! unbelivable ugly…tipical VW !

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