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China 9 months 2012: Discover the Top 288 All-models ranking!

The Hyundai Elantra Langdong sold 26,856 units in China in only 2 months.

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Like every month now on BSCB, we go into the detail of the year-to-date models ranking for the 2 biggest markets in the world, and after the USA it is now the turn of China. With sales down 0.5% in September, the Chinese passenger car market is now up 7% on 2011 at 11,269,600 units. The Top 2 best-sellers year-to-date are unchanged, however a very strong month of September brings the Chevrolet Sail, up 56% and 8 spots on 2011, only 3,645 sales (or 0.03% market share) below the Buick Excelle at 210,800 units vs. 214,445.

VW Sagitar

Leader in September for the third time in 2012, the Ford Focus jumps from #5 over 8 months 2012 to #3 now with 187,516 sales, up 32% on 2011. As a result the VW Jetta and Chevrolet Cruze each get kicked down one spot to #4 and #5. The VW Passat continues to shine at #6 and +45% year-on-year, as does the Hyundai Verna at #10 and +59%.

VW Magotan

There are now 6 Volkswagens in the Top 12: the Tiguan is still #11 (+38%) but the Sagitar (the new generation Jetta) gains 5 spots vs. 8 month 2012 to #12 with 131,964 units, up 37% on 2011. The VW Magotan (European new gen Passat) also goes up to #16 thanks to 124,871 sales, up 111% which is the biggest gain in the Top 20. Hurt in September, the Japanese slide down vs. last month: the Honda CR-V is #13 (-1), the Nissan Tiida #15 (-2) and the Toyota Corolla #17 (-2).

Chery Tiggo

There is still only one Chinese model in the Top 20 (vs. 2 in the Top 8 at the same time last year) and it’s the FAW Xiali N3/N5 at #20 with sales down 21%. It is followed by the Chery QQ at #24 (-10%) and the BYD F3 at #25 (-33%) while the Emgrand EC7, #1 local car in September, is up from #6 to #4 Chinese over 9 months at #26 overall with sales up a huge 39% year-on-year. There are 7 local models in the Top 40 (like in 2011), including the Chery Tiggo up from #40 over 8 months to #35 with sales up 7%.


Other big gainers within the Top 100 include the Hyundai Sonata up 82% to #45, the Audi Q5 up 67% to #48, BYD S6 up 173% to #51, Dongfeng Future up 207% to #59, Baojun 630 up 1650% to #62, BYD L3 up 130% to #63, Chevrolet Aveo up 164% to #72, Chery E5 up 158% to #77, Dongfeng Fengshan H30/S30 up 75% to #78, Kia K5 up 68% to #82 and Mazda3 Xingcheng up 654% to #83.

No less than 40 newcomers have made their appearance in the Chinese models ranking over the last 12 months! The most successful so far is the Great Wall Haval H6 ranking #47 with 66,502 sales, followed by the Peugeot 308 at #68 and 47,867 units, and the Chevrolet Malibu at #102 with 28,986 sales. After only 2 months of sales, the Hyundai Elantra Langdong is already #4 newcomer at #108 and 26,856 units, ahead of the BYD G6 at #111, the Brilliance V5 at #113, the Great Wall Voleex C50 at #118, the Great Wall Haval M4 at #120 and the ChangAn Eado at #127.

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Full 9 months 2012 Top 288 All-models Ranking below.

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