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Germany August 2012 Private Sales: Audi Q3 #6, Dacia Duster #9

Audi Q3

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* The Germany overall August 2012 Top 303 Ranking Table is here *

Thanks to JLKN it looks like the German Private Sales (PS) ranking has become a monthly update on BSCB! Always fascinating the go through this ranking as it is radically different to the overall ranking we are all used to… This month while the VW Golf keeps the pole position with 5,868 sales to private buyers, the Mercedes B-Class is up to and outstanding 2nd place with 3,611 units and 67% PS ratio. Curiously, while the VW Polo is down to #3 with 3,605 sales it achieves a better ratio of 69%.

Dacia Duster

And as usual, the surprises keep coming: below the Mercedes C-Class at #4 and 38%, the VW Up! continues its progression to an awesome 5th place at 2,021 units and a PS ratio back up to 59%. The Audi Q3, already impressive in the overall ranking at a record #21, is a smash hit with private buyers: up 3 spots on July to #6 with 1,837 sales and a stable 68% PS ratio. The Seat Ibiza is up one rank to a beautiful 7th spot and an excellent 77% PS ratio – the #1 ‘foreign’ model.

Skoda Yeti

Incredible #7 with private buyers last month, the Dacia Duster shows us it wasn’t a fluke and that it is one of the 10 favourite cars in Germany at the moment at a great 9th position with 1,702 units and a huge 90% PS ratio vs. #36 overall. The Skoda Yeti makes itself noticed at #13 with 70% PS ratio, the Hyundai ix35 is up to #16, and 84%, the BMW X1 up to #18 and the Mercedes GLK up to a magnificent #20.

Mercedes GLK

Reversely, note the Opel Corsa at 25% PS ratio, the VW Touran at 30% and the VW Golf at 32%. It’s also worth mentioning that the Audi A4, #2 overall with 5,994 sales, and the VW Passat, #3 at 5,928 units, don’t appear in the Top 20 Private Sales Ranking, meaning under 17% of all models were actually sold to private buyers this month.

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