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World: Toyota produces 200 millionth vehicle

The Model G1 Truck was the very first Toyota, produced in August 1935.

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Yesterday Toyota announced it had produced its 200 millionth vehicle after 76 years and 11 months of existence. The very first Toyota was a model G1 truck produced in August 1935 by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd’s automotive department, which was spun off and later became Toyota Motor Corporation.

The 1936 AA was Toyota’s very first passenger car

Toyota’s first passenger car was the AA model which started production in 1936. Unlike other Japanese manufacturers, the AA was a proper Toyota model and not a licence of a Western car. The most produced nameplate over the world and still the best-selling car on the planet is the Toyota Corolla with over 39 million units spat out of various Toyota factories since 1966.

Almost 40 million Toyota Corollas have been produced since the nameplate’s launch in 1966.

Out of the 200 million Toyotas produced, 155 were in Japan and 45 million in other countries. It took 50 years for Toyota to produce its first 50 million vehicles, a milestone it passed in October 1985, but only 11 to reach 100 million (January 1997), 9 to reach 150 million (January 2006) and just 6 to produce its last 50 million vehicles to reach 200 million in June 2012.

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser 50

Thanks to Toyota Australia I can give you much more detail on Toyota sales since the brand landed in the country in the early sixties. A total of 5,542,804 Toyotas have been sold in the country to date, with nearly 1.2 million being Corollas. Other popular nameplates in Oz are the Camry (almost 800,000), Hilux (just under 740,000) and Land Cruiser (620,000) with 6 additional nameplates above 100,000 sales.

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