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New ‘Historical Data’ page on Best Selling Cars Blog!

The Toyota Corona may have been the best-selling car in Japan before the arrival of the Corolla in 1966… If you know this for sure please get in touch!

* Click on the ‘Historical Data’ tab below the BSCB logo to see all countries! *

I have created a new tab on Best Selling Cars Blog to give you easier access to Historical Data. No less than 67 countries now feature Historical Data on the site, with more uploaded weekly. Highlights are Germany for each year since 1946France for each year since 1949the UK for each year since 1965Brazil since 1954 and Norway since 1956. Given all my posts are ordered chronologically, the older the data, the further down the list it appears, which is why I decided to create a dedicated Historical Data page.

By clicking on the ‘Historical Data’ tab you will have access to direct links to Historical Data for the 67 countries available. Easy!

There are still a lot of patchy Historical Data areas and this is where you come in! Have a look on the ‘Historical Data’ tab at all missing periods and see whether you can help by sharing data you have that is not yet on the site… The most blatant needs are for the USA between 1928 and 1973 and 1987-1991, France for 1950-1957 and 1971-1978, Australia before 1996, Russia+China+India before 2002 and Japan before 1996…

If you can help, just comment on here and I will contact you via email.

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