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Australia July 2012: Subaru BRZ sold out in 3 hours!

Subaru BRZ

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I don’t normally do updates throughout the month for other countries than France, Brazil and Iceland but this event I thought was interesting enough to deserve its own article. Earlier this week the Subaru BRZ went on sale in Australia, online only which is a first in this market. Australian bidding opened at midday on July 16 and traffic to the Subaru website quadrupled instantly which caused a few issues to start with, but were resolved by 12:45pm. By 3:47 pm all 150 BRZ had found a buyer for $37,000 each, netting Subaru a cool $5.5 million.

The manufacturer had 202 BRZ available for Australia, with 50 of the 105 Subaru dealers buying demonstrator models and 2 models used for local crash test, leaving 150 for the public. The next shipment of the car is not due until 2013… This is a first time any car manufacturer makes a model only available online in Australia, and given its success we can expect the experiment to be repeated by others soon.

More details below.

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