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Ireland June 2012: Toyota Yaris up to #2

Toyota Yaris

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Car sales in Ireland continue on their downward trend, losing a worrying 42% year-on-year in June to 6,370 registrations. Halfway through the year, total sales stand at 66,657, down 14% on 2011. The Ford Focus is the best-selling model in the country for the third time this year after January and May with 354 sales and 5.6%. It also leads the year-to-date ranking with 3,255 units and 4.9%.

Opel Zafira

In second position, the Toyota Yaris reaches its highest ranking in Ireland in at least 2 years with 258 units and 4.1%, up 7 spots on May and now ranking #5 year-to-date vs. #10 in 2011. The Nissan Qashqai stays #3 with 244 sales and 3.8% and #2 year-to-date at 2,970 units and 4.5% vs. #7 in 2011. The Ford Fiesta is up 2 ranks to #4, followed by the Toyota Avensis (+6), Renault Megane (-2) and VW Golf (-5).

Further down, notice the BMW 5 Series up 8 spots to #11, the BMW 3 Series up 14 to #12, the Audi A4 up 17 to #15, the Hyundai i40 very solid at #17, the Opel Zafira up 25 to #21, the Suzuki Swift up 48 to #35, the Suzuki SX4 up 33 to #38, the Seat Leon up 54 to #39 and two new entrants in the Irish Top 50: the VW Up! up 3 ranks to #48 and the Peugeot 208 landing at #50 for its very first month of sales in the country.

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Full June 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Ireland June 2012:

1Ford Focus3545.6%13,2554.9%11
2Toyota Yaris2584.1%92,0883.1%510
3Nissan Qashqai2443.8%32,9704.5%27
4Ford Fiesta2253.5%61,8232.7%86
5Toyota Avensis2233.5%112,5543.8%43
6Renault Megane2203.5%41,6692.5%109
7VW Golf2093.3%22,8064.2%32
8Opel Insignia1973.1%101,3692.1%1514
9Skoda Octavia1953.1%52,0633.1%612
10Toyota Auris1802.8%71,6972.5%913
11BMW 5-Series1462.3%191,4282.1%1317
12BMW 3-Series1312.1%265180.8%3736
13VW Passat1272.0%81,9652.9%74
14Toyota Corolla1231.9%151,4862.2%118
15Audi A41231.9%327571.1%2823
16VW Polo1191.9%121,4022.1%1415
17Hyundai i401171.8%171,0451.6%2199
18Hyundai ix351131.8%131,3012.0%1721
19Ford Mondeo1111.7%201,0271.5%2220
20Opel Astra1041.6%141,3472.0%1616
21Opel Zafira1011.6%462840.4%5565
22Kia Sportage911.4%259221.4%2337
23Audi A6881.4%238221.2%2635
24Renault Fluence871.4%361,4842.2%125
25Opel Corsa871.4%161,1551.7%1919
26Skoda Superb791.2%318671.3%2527
27Hyundai i30781.2%225540.8%3232
28Honda Civic731.1%244770.7%4045
29Mercedes E Class641.0%298171.2%2724
30Seat Ibiza631.0%187321.1%3025
31Kia Cee’d631.0%275430.8%3431
32Nissan Juke600.9%408721.3%2422
33Ford C-Max560.9%345030.8%3928
34Skoda Fabia550.9%307181.1%3126
35Suzuki Swift520.8%831930.3%6882
36VW Jetta500.8%217531.1%2941
37Audi A3490.8%483360.5%4746
38Suzuki SX4450.7%712440.4%6275
39Seat Leon450.7%932170.3%6363
40Kia Rio440.7%425450.8%3330
41Renault Clio420.7%351,2161.8%1811
42Nissan Micra420.7%471,1071.7%2018
43VW Tiguan420.7%434690.7%4151
44Skoda Yeti390.6%444330.6%4244
46Volvo S40350.5%613100.5%5049
47Audi A1340.5%412830.4%5648
48VW Up!340.5%511930.3%69 –
50Peugeot 208320.5% –320.0%144 –


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