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Greece June 2012: Citroen C3 impresses further, up to 8.4%

Citroen C3

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No sign of improvement for the Greek car market, down 43% year-on-year in June to 5,524 registrations and bringing the year-to-date total to 32,377 units, down 41% on 2011. Citroen reaps the benefits of an aggressive pricing strategy and manages to place the C3 in pole position for the second month in a row with 466 sales and a huge 8.4% market share. This is the first time since September 1998 that a Citroen manages to hold the Greek #1 spot for 2 consecutive months. The Citroen C3 is now #4 year-to-date with 1,245 sales and 3.8% vs. #22 in 2011…

The next two models stay unchanged: the Toyota Yaris ranks #2 with 4.9% share while the Opel Corsa is #3 with 4.7%. The Opel Corsa is still in the lead year-to-date with 2,215 units and 6.8%. Within the Top 10, notice also the Seat Ibiza up 7 spots on May to #6, the Toyota Auris up 8 to #7 and the Kia Rio up a massive 32 ranks to #10. Further down, other great performers include the Citroen C1 at #13 vs. #35 in 2011, the VW Up! up to #24, the Chevrolet Cruze up to #30, the Suzuki SX4 up to #32 and the Fiat New Panda up to #38.

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Full June 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece June 2012:

1Citroen C34668.4%11,2453.8%422
2Toyota Yaris2724.9%21,7385.4%22
3Opel Corsa2624.7%32,2156.8%11
4VW Polo1572.8%81,0953.4%63
5Ford Fiesta1552.8%61,1033.4%54
6Seat Ibiza1552.8%135181.6%1813
7Toyota Auris1492.7%155701.8%156
8Opel Astra1432.6%51,3074.0%35
9Nissan Micra1252.3%47142.2%78
10Kia Rio1212.2%423191.0%31n/a
11Fiat Panda1122.0%76802.1%87
12Hyundai i101102.0%206221.9%1011
13Citroen C11011.8%103030.9%3530
14Fiat Grande Punto981.8%194611.4%1920
15Hyundai i20971.8%186041.9%1114
16Lancia Ypsilon951.7%144391.4%20100
17Skoda Fabia891.6%225341.6%1716
18Peugeot 107841.5%235441.7%1621
19BMW 1-Series831.5%273431.1%2739
20Suzuki Alto811.5%413271.0%2955
21Skoda Octavia801.4%125921.8%1412
22Suzuki Swift761.4%116682.1%917
23Fiat 500741.3%324011.2%2223
24VW Up!741.3%n/a3391.0%28 –
25VW Golf711.3%215991.9%1210
26Peugeot 208691.2%281250.4%65 –
27Nissan Qashqai681.2%175951.8%1324
28Citroen C4661.2%93941.2%2352
29Toyota Aygo591.1%453711.1%249
30Chevrolet Cruze591.1%n/a1610.5%5862
31Ford Focus581.0%163050.9%3418
32Suzuki SX4581.0%n/a1630.5%5763
33Volvo S60571.0%342900.9%3754
34Mercedes A-Class571.0%251800.6%5237
35Alfa Romeo Giulietta551.0%333461.1%2632
36Smart Fortwo541.0%442770.9%3815
37VW Tiguan480.9%264311.3%2128
38Fiat new Panda470.9%n/a1760.5%53 –
39Renault Clio460.8%303030.9%3640
40Nissan Juke460.8%362760.9%3934
42Audi A4440.8%501510.5%6058
43Chevrolet Aveo430.8%n/a1850.6%50n/a
44Audi A3400.7%462710.8%4136
45Mercedes B-Class390.7%n/a1160.4%n/a93
46Audi A1380.7%372130.7%4543
47Opel Insignia370.7%293131.0%3325
48Audi Q3350.6%392760.9%40n/a
49Alfa Romeo Mi.To320.6%n/a1740.5%5546
50Mini Countryman320.6%n/a1690.5%5669


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