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China LCV March 2012: Wuling Hongguang confirms Top 5 spot

Wuling Hongguang

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This month the Light Commercial Vehicle market in China is absolutely stable year-on-year at 549,304 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,357,253 units, down 6% on 2011. The Wuling Sunshine is the best-selling model in the category by far again with 54,546 sales, albeit down 25% on March 2011. Its year-to-date total is also down 25% year-on-year at a still monumental 152,681 units in 3 months. And for the usual comparison: Ford sold 143,827 F-Series in the US and VW sold 122,569 Golfs in the whole of Europe in the same period…

Below, the entire Top 5 stays unchanged vs. last month, with the Foton Forland selling 44,761 units (-8%), followed by the Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang at 38,324 sales (+1%) and the ChangAn Mini Bus at 37.920 units (-10%). In 5th position, the Wuling Hongguang confirms it is now a force to be reckoned with as far as Chinese Light Commercial Vehicles are concerned…

Previous month: China LCV February 2012: Wuling Hongguang’s entrance

Full March 2012 Top 5 Ranking Table below.

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Europe March 2012: Nissan Qashqai & Toyota Yaris break records!

Nissan Qashqai

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Car sales in Europe are down 7% both in March at 1,497,855 registrations and year-to-date at 3,433,957 units. Below the VW Golf very solid at 52,933 sales, up 1% year-on-year, the Ford Fiesta is back into 2nd place at 47,888 units ahead of the Opel Corsa with 38,809 sales, both pushed by the traditionally strong month of March in the UK due to the new number plates. But the top of the ranking is not what has made this month a historical month in Europe

If you’ve been checking out Best Selling Cars Blog regularly over the last couple of weeks you saw it coming: delivering best-ever performances in Germany, Francethe UK, Ireland (#1)Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic and #2 in Spain, the Nissan Qashqai logically reaches its highest ever position in Europe at a fantastic 7th place with 30,237 sales, by far its strongest volume ever. 5 years after its original launch, this is the culmination (so far) of a crazy bet from Nissan that hasn’t stopped surprising by its exceptional success: the Nissan Qashqai is now the highest ranking Japanese model ever in Europe!

Toyota Yaris

But wait there’s more: helped by a record-breaking showing in the UK where it reached a best-ever 8th position, the Toyota Yaris breaks into the European monthly Top 10 for the very first time at #10 with 22,856 sales and 1.5% market share, up 18% year-on-year and bringing its year-to-date total to 48,789 units, up 13% and close to the Top 10 while it ranked #27 in 2011. It is the first time ever that 2 Japanese models rank within the European monthly Top 10 simultaneously! Interestingly they are both produced in Europe: the Qashqai in the UK and the Yaris in France…

I told you it was a historical month…

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Full March 2012 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia March 2012: Toyota Avanza and Innova in command

Toyota Avanza

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While 2010 and 2011 were both record years for new car sales in Indonesia, 2012 goes even further with registrations up a very solid 11% over the first 3 months of the year to 250,533 units, meaning the million car sales at year-end is a possibility for the very first time in the history of automobile in Indonesia! For the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog I can share with you a Top 20 models ranking!

Toyota Fortuner

As it has been the case for the last 5 years, the Toyota Avanza is by far the best-selling model in the country and thanks to its late 2011 facelift it improves its market share from 18.2% in 2011 to 19.2% this year thanks to a massive 47,998 sales in 3 months. Also refreshed at the end of last year, the Toyota Innova is up to 2nd place with 19,405 units and 7.7% share vs. 6.1% in 2011. The Avanza’s twin, the Daihatsu Xenia, is down to #3 but with 18,100 sales and 7.2% it means the Avanza/Xenia format holds a mammoth 26.4% of the Indonesian market!

Daihatsu Xenia

With medium/heavy commercial vehicles now included in the ranking, the Mitsubishi Canter excels at #4 with 15,953 sales followed by the Suzuki Carry Pick-up at 9,634 units. Other great performers include the Toyota Rush at #6 with 3.6%, the Nissan Grand Livina at #7 with 3.5%. The Nissan Juke is the main newcomer in the Top 20 at #15 with 4,303 sales and 1.7%. Notice also both versions of the Daihatsu Gran Max adding up to 9,569 sales.

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Full Q1 2012 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Algeria March 2012: Renault Symbol and Toyota Hilux on top

Renault Symbol. Picture by Alp Emre Goksel, all rights reserved.

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Algerian car sales data is getting rarer these days but I am able to share with you now the best-selling models in the country over the first 3 months of 2012. Confirming the pole position it has been holding for at least 3 years, the Renault Symbol is the most popular vehicle in the country over the period with 8,831 sales. It is followed by the Toyota Hilux at 6,400 units and the Peugeot 207 with 5,681 sales.

After an exceptional end of year in 2011, the Hyundai Accent falls back to 4th place in the 2012 year-to-date ranking at 5,334 units, ahead of the Dacia Logan with 4,822 sales and the Chevrolet Sail imported from China confirming its strong career start at #6 with 2,978 units sold in 3 months and 1,097 in March alone.

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One year ago: Algeria March 2011: Renault Symbol leads, Kia Picanto #2

Full Q1 2012 Top 6 Ranking Table below.

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USA Q1 2012: Now available with Top 265 best-selling models!

Infiniti JX35

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Thanks to Good car/Bad car, I can now share with you the entire Top 265 best-selling models in the USA over the first 3 months of 2012. That’s almost all models on sale in the US! (models from brands like Ferrari and Maserati are missing) You already are familiar with the Top 150 so let’s see what surprises the rest of the ranking has for us… Oh wait, just before we do that, let’s notice the all-new Buick Verano pointing its bonnet in 138th place with 4,980 sales, the Mazda CX-5 at #148 with 3,986 units and the Chevrolet Volt at #150 and 3,915 sales, up 224% on 2011.

Scion iQ

Strong progressions include the Audi A6 up 87% year-on-year at #155, Nissan NV up 8916% at #172, VW Touareg up 62% to #179, Smart fortwo up 79% to #181, Mercedes CLS up 292% to #196, Nissan Leaf up 283% to #197 and BMW 6 Series up 566% to #198.

Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Newcomers include the Scion iQ at #177 with 2,523 sales, Range Rover Evoque at #183 with 2,180 units, Infiniti JX35 at #227 with 540 sales and Chevrolet Caprice PPV at #235 and 368 units.

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One year ago: USA March 2011: Nissan Altima best-selling passenger car!

Full USA First Quarter 2012 Top 265 Ranking Table below.

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France 11-16 April 2012: Peugeot 208 and 5008 in Top 10

Peugeot 208

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Now that the year-on-year comparison with scrappage scheme-boosted months is over (it ended in March 2011), the French car market is starting to look better: only down 5% this week at 27,858 units. Peugeot takes the lead of the brands ranking with 5,105 sales and 18.3% ahead of Citroen at 16.9% and Renault at 16%. The Renault Clio reclaims the pole position in the models ranking at 1,252 units and 4.5%, up 4% year-on-year. It is followed by the Citroen C3 with 1,171 sales (+44%) and the Peugeot 207 at 1,022 units (+24%).

Peugeot 5008

In fact, Peugeot places no less than 5 models in the Top 10 this week: the 308 is #4 at 3.6% (+31%), the 3008 is #5 at 3.4% (+9%), the 208 reappears in the Top 10 for the second time and delivers its best ranking so far at #9 thanks to 575 sales and 2.1% market share and the 5008 breaks into the French weekly Top 10 for the very first time at 565 units and 2%, up 16% year-on-year. For only the second time this year the weekly Top 10 is 100% French.

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One year ago: France 12-18 April 2011: Dacia Duster #2!

Full 11-16 April 2012 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Canada March 2012: Nissan Rogue and Mazda CX-5 take off

Nissan Rogue

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The Canadian models ranking podium is back to ‘normal’ this month with the Ford F-Series leading at 9,773 units, its best month since last September, ahead of the Dodge RAM at 6,684 sales and the Honda Civic at 6,037 units meaning the ranking is identical to the 2012 year-to-date and Full Year 2011 ones. The Hyundai Elantra stays #4 while the Dodge Grand Caravan is down 2 spots on February to #5. The Honda CR-V new generation shines at #7 with 4,104 sales.

Mazda CX-5

The Nissan Rogue reaches its best-ever ranking in the country, up 6 ranks to #15 with 2,224 sales and is now #20 year-to-date vs.#29 in 2011. The Canadian market is similar to the Australian one in the way consumers go for similar but smaller cars than in the USA. So it’s no surprise that the Mazda CX-5 manages to gain a huge 94 spots to land in 25th place with 1,649 sales for its very first full month of sales in the country (it ranks #19 in Australia this month).

Fiat 500

Further down the ranking, the Kia Optima continues to progress, up 4 spots on February to #32, the Fiat 500 is up a massive 22 ranks to a best-ever 33rd place with 1,207 sales, the Chevrolet Orlando is up 6 ranks to #54, the Buick Verano is up 37 to #66, the Toyota Prius C lands directly in 101st position for its first month of sales in the country at 328 units and ahead of the Prius at #109, the VW Beetle new generation is up to #123 and the Lexus GS is up to #145.

Previous month: Canada February 2012: Dodge Grand Caravan back on podium

Full March 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

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Japan Imports March 2012: Mercedes C-Class #3, CLS in Top 20

Mercedes C-Class

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Imports sales in Japan are compiled by a different organisation, the Japan Automobile Importers Association, and they publish models data every Quarter. Over the first 3 months of 2011, Japanese consumers bought 84,234 imported cars, up 30% on the same period in 2011. As it has been the case for the last 10 years, the VW Golf is the best-selling import in the country with 7,656 sales and 9.1% share, stable year-on-year and to be compared with the 12.7% of the import market it held over the Full Year 2011.

Mercedes CLS

The VW Polo is up 118% year-on-year in 2nd place at 5,703 units followed by the Mercedes C-Class, up 2 spots on its 2011 ranking and 95% year-on-year to #3 with 4,929 sales. The Mini is up 63% to #4, the Mercedes E-Class up 16% to #6, the BMW 1 Series up 137% to #7 and the Volvo V60 up 157% to #9. Like in 2011 there are 4 BMWs in the Top 11 with the 5 Series #8, the 3 Series #10 and the X1 #11.

The VW Passat, #16 in 2011, continues to progress in 12th position with 1,424 sales over the period while the Toyota Avensis is #17 at 995 units and the Mercedes CLS delivers an outstanding performance in 20th place with 835 sales.

Previous post: Japan Imports Full Year 2011: VW Golf #1, now in overall Top 30!

Full First Quarter 2012 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Poland March 2012: Nissan Qashqai and Dacia Duster at best-ever

Nissan Qashqai

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Car sales in Poland are up 9% year-on-year in March to 33,655 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 87,909 units, up a very healthy 13% on 2011. The Top 2 best-selling models are no surprise: the Skoda Octavia leads with 1,722 sales and 5.1% followed by its little sister the Fabia at 1,131 units and 3.4%. The Toyota Yaris takes advantage of the new generation to land on the podium for the first time since November 2010 with 1,053 sales and 3.1%.

A few other models in the Top 10 have an outstanding month: the Ford Focus is up 7 spots on February to #4 at 940 units and 2.8%, the Nissan Qashqai equals its best ranking ever at #5 (it also reached that spot in June 2011 and July 2010) with 907 sales and 2.7% while the Dacia Duster breaks into the Polish Top 10 for the very first time, reaching a best-ever 7th place with 821 units and 2.4%.

Other great performers this month include the Toyota Avensis up 5 ranks to #11, the Citroen C4 up 12 to #26, Citroen Jumper up 44 to #29, Chevrolet Cruze up 15 to #40, Volvo V50 up 36 to #62, Mercedes B-Class up 10 to #82 and the Audi A6 up 27 spots to #73.

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One year ago: Poland March 2011: Skoda Octavia back on top, Opel Astra #2

Full March 2012 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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Brazil mid-April 2012: VW Gol back to #1, new gen Fiat Siena up

Fiat Siena

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The Brazilian car market is down 10% year-on-year during the first half of April at 134,222 registrations, bringing the 906,977 units, down 2% on 2011. After a full month of domination of the Fiat Uno, the VW Gol reclaims the reins of the Brazilian model ranking both over the period with 11,275 sales and 8.4% share and year-to-date at 69,948 units and 7.7%. The Fiat Uno is down to #2 in both rankings at 6.8% and 7.5% respectively.

Chevrolet S10

For the first time since February 2011, the VW Fox/CrossFox climbs onto the podium with 5,958 sales and 4.4%, just above the Fiat Palio at 5,904 units. The Fiat Strada and Ford Fiesta exchange positions at #5 and #6 while the Chevrolet Celta is in better shape, up 3 spots on last month to #7 and the Chevrolet Cobalt stays #11. But the most noticeable performance atop the ranking is delivered by the newly renewed Fiat Siena, up 7 ranks on February to #13 with 2,645 sales.

Troller T4

Further down, notice the new gen Chevrolet S10 up 8 spots to #17, the Nissan March still strong at #20, the Hyundai Elantra up 12 ranks to #59, the Peugeot 308 up 10 spots to #74, the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback breaking into the Top 150 for the first time to #134 with 79 sales and the Kia Optima doing the same to #141 with 59 units. Notice also the local Troller T4 at #148 with 47 sales.

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One year ago: Brazil mid-April 2012: Fiat Uno back on top, JAC J3 up 50 spots

Full mid-April 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

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