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Iran March 2012: Last good showing for Peugeot…

Peugeot 405

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In Iran the Year 1390 just finished on 19 March 2012 and the last month of the Persian year, Esfan, corresponds roughly to March 2012. 104,206 vehicles were produced this month, down 7% year-on-year and bringing the final total for 1390 to 1,412,220 units, up 4% on 1389. The Saipa Pride is still by far the most produced model in the country but loses quite a lot of ground again at -22% year-on-year with 37,044 units. Its total for the year is a huge 609,836 units, down just 1% on last year.

The entire Top 10 is almost identical to last month, with the Peugeot 405 solid in 2nd place with 16,990 units (+35%) and 178,732 for the whole year (-8%) and the Iran Khodro Samand rounding up the podium at 15,569 units (+11%), ranking #4 at year-end with 141,220 units (+6%). This should be the last month Peugeot models appear that high in the Iranian production ranking as the company has stopped exporting CKD kits to Iran under pressure from General Motors.

The Peugeot 206 stays #4 with 12,034 units this month (-15%) but is #3 at year-end with 167,536 units (+4%). Below, the Peugeot Pars and Renault Tondar 90 have an exceptional month, both up 41% year-on-year to 8,733 and 8,104 units respectively, holding the same positions at year-end. The Saipa Tiba is back above 2,000 units but still far from its personal best of 3,533 last January. It is up 76% year-on-year this month and 564% at year-end.

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Full Year and Esfan 1390 Top 15 Ranking Table below.

Iran Full Year 1390:

PosModel12m 139012m 1389/89Pos
1Saipa Pride609,836615,947-1%1
2Peugeot 405178,732193,792-8%2
3Peugeot 206167,536161,1484%3
4Iran Khodro Samand141,220133,0916%4
5Peugeot Pars91,35985,8926%5
6Renault Tondar 9091,01449,53884%6
7Saipa Tiba32,4924,892564%12
8Peugeot Roa20,00039,397-49%7
9Kia Rio17,66919,400-9%8
10Renault Megane11,9147,14267%11
11Peugeot 207i11,17211,574-3%9
12Suzuki Grand Vitara4,3934,768-8%13
14Nissan Maxima2,6882,808-4%14
15Hyundai Avante2,5852,3719%15

Iran Esfan 1390:

PosModelEsf-90Esf-89/89Bah12m 1390Pos
1Saipa Pride37,04447,380-22%1609,8361
2Peugeot 40516,99012,60735%2178,7322
3Iran Khodro Samand15,56914,02611%3141,2204
4Peugeot 20612,03414,218-15%4167,5363
5Peugeot Pars8,7336,21541%591,3595
6Renault Tondar 908,1045,76341%691,0146
7Saipa Tiba2,0171,14476%732,4927
8Kia Rio1,3011,812-28%917,6699
9Renault Megane87174617%811,91410
10Peugeot 207i5291,382-62%1011,17211
11Suzuki Grand Vitara327538-39%114,39312
12Hyundai Avante26593185%122,58515
13Nissan Maxima18260203%132,68814
14Nissan Teana10491056%141,39517


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  1. Irn doesn’t need nukes, they just have to export the Peugeot Roa and we’ll all be doomed. I just looked up this car and WTF?? A 405 that uses what is basically the Hillman Hunter platform? Cusp of madness.

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