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Best Selling Cars Blog continues to grow fast thanks to you!

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March 2012 was another milestone month for Best Selling Cars Blog and it is all thanks to you! So I thought I would give you a quick stats update. On March 31 BSCB passed the 2 million page views since the creation of the site in October 2010. It took 373 days to reach the first million page views but only 145 to reach the second million!

On March 28 all visitation records were broken: you were 3,961 unique visitors to browse Best Selling Cars Blog, viewing 10,791 pages. The Top 20 unique visitors days of all time were all lodged in the last month. Traffic to BSCB has been doubling every 4 months since the creation of the blog, and in March 2012 you were 70,218 unique visitors to check out the site.

Since I started using Google Analytics in April 2011, you have generated almost 600,000 visits coming from 216 countries and territories all over the world, including Europe at 43%, Asia at 25% and America at 22%. Countries that have visited the site most often are the USA (62,592 visits), Italy (33,313), France (29,609), India (26,228) and the UK (24,883). But you also came from Comoros and St Kitts & Nevis (1 visit).

The cities most connected to BSCB are Paris (8,072 visits), Kuala Lumpur (7,122), Cairo (7,065), Sydney (6,352) and Athens (6,134). Visitors that spent the most time on average on the blog came from Åland Islands (23 minutes), Liberia (19 minutes), Romania, China (both 7 minutes) and Afghanistan (5 minutes).

Your favourite articles since the blog started 18 months ago have been World 2011: Hyundai Elantra millionaire, threatens Toyota Corolla (3,719 clicks), Europe September 2011: Nissan Qashqai in Top 10 (2,915) and Croatia April 2011 (2,732).

So to each and every one of you visiting this site, to all of you who have contributed to make it as complete as it is right now, a big THANK YOU! Best Selling Cars Blog could not be what it is today without you. Stay tuned for even more data about even more countries…

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