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best selling cars blog Video Introduction

Check out my new BestSellingCarsBlog Introduction video, it goes through the main functionalities of the site and tells you a little bit about why and how I created BestSellingCarsBlog. A huge thank you to my friend David Curry and Con Filippidis for producing this video.

— There is also the ‘written’ version of the video below —

Bonjour and welcome to BestSellingCarsBlog!

I’m Matt, originally from France and now based in Sydney, Australia. Studying and analysing car sales figures around the world is something I have done meticulously for the last 25 years. I founded BestSellingCarsBlog in October 2010 in order to set up one destination that houses as much car sales data as possible, currently the tally stands at 177 countries and territories. This blog features almost all the sales data I have managed to get my hands on during my “car-data-nerd” life. If you want to share more data or need more info, contact me at

BestSellingCarsBlog is only one part of what I do in the automotive sector, I am also available for short-term projects or ongoing consultancy, typically in the following areas:

–       Radio and TV commentary

–       In-depth analysis of any of the countries covered by the blog

–       Industry forecasting

–       Communication and sponsorship strategy

–       Digital marketing strategy

Also, if you need some additional information, sales-related editorial for your website or magazine, or a point of view about the car sales situation in any specific country on the planet, you can contact me at

Some of my past and current work aside from BestSellingCarsBlog can be seen below.

I have been writing a weekly column called ‘Best Selling Cars Around The Globe’ on the US website The Truth About Cars since February 2011. You can check out the list of all my articles here: Matt’s articles for The Truth About Cars.


In November 2012 I have started collaborating with L’Automobile Magazine, the best-selling car magazine in French language, starting with an article about the Chinese carmakers present in New Caledonia. Check out

Starting in November 2012 as well, BestSellingCarsBlog now collaborates with Auto India, India’s oldest and best-selling car magazine, featuring sales figures in the “India’s best-sellers” section of the magazine.


I was recently interviewed by Alex Helmick from World Radio Switzerland about the evolution of the new car market there. You can listen to the September 2012 interview here and the October 2012 interview here and the January 2013 interview here.

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  1. Looking to move to Europe (Austria) for 6 months and will buy a used car. Need a larger vehicle for the whole family. Suggestions on sites / resources to find a good vehicle?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. Hola Matt from Spain,

    Yesterday Automotive News released in their annual Data Center the North America Data Market Book. Probably you already know that sales are of every single vehicle sold in every country (USA, Canada and Mexico separately and also altogether). As the company has an online subscription to this website that’s the reason we have it. I don’t know if you have the information mostly from Mexico (even we are late May) as I think is the only way to know the total sales by nameplate in the country except the ten to twenty ususally sourced by amia organization. So if you are interested just send me an e-mail with an address and i’ll send you a pdf with the info (total 43 pages) and then published for everyone.

    Keep up the good work Matt and hope you keep traveling as that’s great.

    Saludos desde España

  3. Hi Matt, from now on i’m a proud premium member of the fantastic Best Selling Cars Blog. This has been one of my favourite and most visited pages in recent years so i felt compelled to contribute with money to this fantastic website. I’m fluent in Portuguese and Spanish Languages and i have too much free time because i’m a college student, if you need anything i can help you with whatever you need. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Bryan,
      Thank you very much for becoming a premium member! I really appreciate it. And will also have a think about all this free time you have ha.
      All the best,

  4. Hey Matt, Just found your site for the first time. Really enjoyed the intro video and learning more about why you created this site. Will definitely be back for more!

  5. I saw that you’ve put a membership charge. I think it is more than ok, while you do such a great (and huge) job with this site. I can easily buy that one year membership, but I’m still suggesting a trade. On my table is a paper reminding to send you the registration history from Finland (all the years missing). Could that be enough to compensate one years membership.

    Even if not, I’m going to do it as soon as I have time to write them up or scan that I can send them t you.

    with best regards, Toni from Finland

  6. Hi Matt.

    I’ve having a lot of issues with your site lately. It has been taking ages to load, will ocasionally only load in mobile mode ( and not allow you to change to desktop mode ), sometimes the formatting is completey off, and as of today i haven’t been able to post with my regular account.

  7. Hi Matt,
    Wanted to know if it would be OK for me to use one of the pictures of a Toyota corolla for a web ad I am making?

  8. hey Matt,

    From what I saw last month in Ireland I have it on good authority that majority of sales of the BMW 5 series is due to rental firms as I saw quite a few rentals.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Nice blog, and I have just started my own blog here in BRAZIL about vehicles in general !
    I am participating monthly in the Press meeting in our local car association, Anfavea.
    I hope one day my blog can reach the leves yours achieved!


  10. Edgar :
    Hi Matt!! more data from PERU
    I found a link about best selling cars in PERU January – June 2013 (light cars):
    The data is from ARAPER
    Brand Ranking: (January – June)
    1. Hyundai: 10,850 (light vehicles: automobiles, SUVs)
    2. KIA: 10,622
    3. Toyota: 10,552
    4. Chevrolet: 10,384
    5. Suzuki: 4,894
    ** Hyundai and Kia took the 1st and 2nd place!!
    Model Ranking: (January – June)
    1. Toyota Yaris: 5,476 units
    2. Chevrolet Sail: 3,408
    3. KIA Picanto: 3,081
    4. KIA Rio: 2,923
    5. Hyundai Accent: 2,573

    Matt, an additional link:

    Jan – June Car sales in PERU increased in 12.6%. The Peruvian market now has a more moderate increase in sales.


  11. Hi Matt!! more data from PERU
    I found a link about best selling cars in PERU January – June 2013 (light cars):

    The data is from ARAPER

    Brand Ranking: (January – June)
    1. Hyundai: 10,850 (light vehicles: automobiles, SUVs)
    2. KIA: 10,622
    3. Toyota: 10,552
    4. Chevrolet: 10,384
    5. Suzuki: 4,894

    ** Hyundai and Kia took the 1st and 2nd place!!

    Model Ranking: (January – June)
    1. Toyota Yaris: 5,476 units
    2. Chevrolet Sail: 3,408
    3. KIA Picanto: 3,081
    4. KIA Rio: 2,923
    5. Hyundai Accent: 2,573


  12. Just want to add to all the comments about how wonderful you and your website both are – I visit at least once a day: it keeps me well entertained and informed.

    Keep it up, Matt!

    ps. It’ll be great to see more pics of you too [no doubt with cars in the background!] on your travels!

  13. Matt!! Good news from PERU!!!
    I sent you some information from Peru… a long time ago…. (2012) I didn’t find the way to access regular data about car market here. ARAPER ( is the official automotive association in PERU, they have the data of all the new cars sold per month in the Peruvian market, but they don’t show enough data in its web.

    Now I finally found a web with more regular data: (revista – revista digital). MUNDO TUERCA is a magazine, so they have official data from ARAPER. (at least from january to may 2013)

    The Data in MUNDO TUERCA is about light vehicles (automobiles, sw, van, SUVs). The
    data form Araper is in YELLOW (The data in light blue is from car registers)

    Here the LINKS:

    JANUARY 2013 (Mundo Tuerca N° 72)

    FEBRUARY 2013 (It’s not in the web, but I’ll scan the pages from the magazine & send you the info)

    MARCH 2013 (Mundo Tuerca N° 74)

    APRIL 2013 (Mundo Tuerca N° 75)

    MAY 2013 (Mundo Tuerca N° 76)

    Thanks again for your great work


    1. Thank you very much Edgar! So much information, this is great!
      I will take some time to study it all and publish an update on Peru as soon as possible.
      Thanks again.

  14. “Great job” is not enough to describe your effort !! This is an exclusively amazing work. I was searching the web for years for such Info. Many thanks, and keep the excellent work.



    1. Many thanks for your praise Mahmoud, I really appreciate it!
      I hope you will continue to enjoy the blog.

  15. Hi Matt,

    great blog ! an awesome compilation, keep it up 🙂 also we literally read all your posting on the web, cheers mate !


  16. Hi there
    Have been accessing your website, reading up on the African Automotive market. Thank you for the information you have gathered and put in this site – it is proving very useful.

    For many African countries, your most recent article dated to 2010. I was wondering if you were planning to update any of these reports?

    Also, do you know any good reliable sources of information on the Automotive Sector in Africa (market size, market shares, etc)?

    Am struggling at the moment to find one.

    Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!


  17. Matt,
    I cannot thank you enough for sharing this info with us, i now have your site as my homepage so that i do not miss any new info every day i log on. once again thanks and keep up your dedication.

    kind regards
    Eddie from Scotland

    1. Hi Eddie,
      wow I’m honoured to be your homepage, thank you!
      Hope you continue to enjoy the site.

  18. Dear Matt
    I felt I just had to write to you. You bring an extraordinary diligence and honesty to your site that I constantly admire. I wish “Poor old me” continuing and rewarding success.

  19. Dear Matt,

    you seem to have a lot of Finnish followers. You’re work is amazing and delightful. I have a little bit same ambition about registrations and numbers and going deep to them. But I have kept my interest just in the local market.

    1. Dear Toni,
      Many thanks for your praise, I really appreciate it!
      Hope you continue to enjoy the blog for many years to come!


  21. Hi Matt,

    What a coincident, another Finn on the line. Matt, I really like your site, being another auto statistics nut. I’m particularly interested in electric cars, which you cover pretty well. You might get an even better insight in EV sales statistics from these two excellent www-sites : and

    Best regards to you in Sydney (where my great grandfather is buried)

  22. what a coincidence that we have the same name. i really enjoy your blog, and i hope you can keep going to write the best article for us.

  23. very good and much appreciated, Matt… Your blog open eyes to automotive markets in the whole world


  24. i really appreciate you work.It’s not an easy task going round the world counting car sales.
    Please i will suggest that you publish global bestselling brands along bestselling models globally.i will really appreciate.

  25. Sooo… looks like you have a bit of cleaning up to do today 😀
    Just to let you know that you run a good site, that is much appreciated by plenty of people around the world. Keep up the good work.
    Best, D

  26. You seem to have a thing for Dacias, don’t you Matt? 😀

    Excellent site, there’s no further need to remind you. Many thanks for that, it’s a neverending source of interesting info.

    1. Ha I’m very interested by this brand indeed 🙂
      Many thanks for your praise Sonico, I really appreciate it.

  27. Matt, you are great and I’m very thankful for what are you doing and what are you sharing with us. I really appreciate it.

    Best wishes,

    PS: There is a very controversial question that circulates around internet: Which are the best selling cars of all time. I mean we all know that first 5 must look like that: Corolla, F-Series, Golf, Beetle, Escort… but actual sales, does really Fiesta already outsold Model T, or does Civic already has more sales than Escort and so on. So can you make a topic about best selling cars of the world of all times?

    1. Thank you very much for your praise Todor, I really appreciate it!
      Makes it all worthwhile 🙂
      Yes a topic on the best selling cars of all time is on the cards, just need to find the time to write it!
      Thanks again,

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